Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Here are a ton of random pictures mostly involving family.

Our Christmas photo shoot. Dec. 2007

Justin's family. We were in Cody, WY, for Justin's 27th birthday. May 2007. From left: Jon, Jennifer, Justin, Miles Mathews, Roberta, and Connie

Justin opening Superman

Justin's 27th birthday. May 2007

Justin planting strawberries

Afton waves a flag at the 4th of July parade. 2 years old. July 2007

Justin pretends he's a miner at the Belcher mine in Nevada. March 2007

The Belcher Mine in Virginia City, Nevada. This mine used to be in our family a few generations ago. March 2007

Julie with Camden and Justin at Virginia City. March 2007

Lara in Virginia City, Nevada. March 2007

Justin holding two month old Camden. March 2007

Marley was wearing a diaper because she was in heat. She sure got a lot of stares. March 2007

Julie and Lara at Lake Tahoe. This is kind of a no makeup kind of day. We're still sexy though. March 2007

Justin and Lara at Lake Tahoe, March 2007

The Groffs at Lake Tahoe, March 2007

Lara and Justin shopping at a leather store in Virginia City, NV March 2007

Lara and Justin at Thanksgiving Point, April 2008

Mont with his Dad, Brad, on his baptism. April 2008

Justin charmed a screaming and fussy Camden (14 months) at Mont's baptism. April 2008

Our newly decorated bedroom with new furniture and freshly painted walls. I wish it were always this clean. (side note: I made the bedspread myself) January 2007

Little Camden Groff. 2 months old. March 2007

Our Christmas Tree 2007

Our 2007 Christmas Card Picture

The lunar eclipse from about March 2008

Aunt Lorrie and Uncle Brett at Sizzler in Utah. April 2008

Mason, Ellie, Dad, and Jonah (all Frederick kids) at Sizzler. April 2008

Brad and his oldest daughter Madison after her lacrosse game.

My brothers David, Craig, and sister-in-law Belinda at Mom and Dad's birthday party.

We hosted a surprise party for my parents' birthdays November 2007. Dad turned 75 and Mom turned 65.

At Stephanie's house, we broke out the kids' Christmas present (a Wii) once the kids went to bed. Here Mom is playing Guitar Hero.

Lara playing Guitar Hero. November 2007

My Halloween Costume--old lady. October 2007

One of my best friends from high school, Vanessa Skidmore Gardner was in Idaho Falls in October. Her family (husband Jason and 14 month old son Matthew) came over for breakfast on my birthday.

Self-portrait near Palisades Reservoir. Autumn 2007

Kind of a cute picture.

The entire Hays Clan (pre-Camden)

Jonah Frederick swimming at Lava Hot Springs. 2007

Stephanie and Jessica Frederick (3 years) swimming at Lava Hot Springs. August 2007

Afton at the top of a slide at Lava Hot Springs. August 2007

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