Sunday, May 25, 2008

The New Garage? A Success!

I just realized that I mentioned in my Mother's Day post that our new garage installation was not working, but I never posted to say that we finally got it to work. I was a little frustrated not to have access to the garage at all, but I was patient. Luckily we didn't have to scrape any windshields for the week we were parked in the driveway. With Justin's chaotic schedule, not much gets done from Monday through Friday, so we had to wait for another weekend to work on the garage. When Saturday rolled around and Justin informed me he had to see several clients for a good chunk of the day, I was fairly upset--that meant another week without a garage.

I was pretty much resigned to calling an installation expert during the week when Justin was gone. But I decided to take matters into my own hands. I reviewed the instructions and climed the teetering ladder into the beams of the garage while I was home alone, trying to figure out what we did wrong. Finally, I called customer service, though I doubted that some young woman in a call center would really know how to help me with the installation problems. But I stand corrected. In trying to make sure we had the motor installed properly, Justin hooked up the wall button to the motor before installing and positioning the safety lasers that make the garage door stop if something runs under it while it's closing. We didn't have these safety lasers before, so I guess we thought it wasn't a big deal. Not that we didn't want to install them, we just wanted to make sure that the motor itself was installed properly before moving on to peripheral things. Well, that doesn't cut it. Those lasers are regulation now, so the door won't lower at all without them functioning. Customer service was able to tell me this, so I am glad I called them before hiring an expensive professional.

Justin's last session of the day cancelled, he came home early, installed the lasers in a few minutes and voila! He was excited to know that the problems had nothing to do with the way he installed the motor initially. So I've had a new garage door for a week now and I am so happy to have a smooth, functioning door. No more putting the car in park and running up to assist the garage door as it chugs open. Thank you, Justin!

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Groff Family said...

Awesome job on your garage! Doesn't feel good when you can do it yourself?


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