Tuesday, May 6, 2008

About Us

Justin and I met at Western Wyoming College where we were both in the theatre program. It was love at first sight and Justin proposed after ten days of dating. (In our defense, they were an intense ten days. We spent practially every minute together since we had all the same classes and the same schedule. So rather than looking at our courtship as only lasting ten days, you can say it lasted 240 hours or 14,400 minutes. It takes some couples months to spend that much time together. I rest my case.) We were engaged for nine months and married in June of 2001 in the Idaho Falls Temple. Our wedding was blissfully happy - complete with runaway parents, a collapsed cake, a birth, a car accident, a visit to the ER, and minor starvation.

We got our first "four-legged child" in 2002. She's a black toy poodle named Katie. If ever there was a dog who was in denial about being a dog, it's Katie. She has so much personality. She was trained to use a litterbox and still hates going outside. She is a definite lapdog and must be on someone's lap. She's very intelligent and very sweet. If someone hates small dogs, all they need to do is spend an hour with Katie and they will at the very least adore her if not change their opinions entirely.

When we purchased our house in 2006 we adopted Piper from the shelter, a very sweet girl who had been abused. We aren't sure of her exact breed but we think she looks an awful lot like an English Shepherd. She points at animals, loves to play outside and is an outstanding watch dog, but she hates water and is quite lazy. She's very tender-hearted and any loud noise frightens her. This is the first big dog I've ever had and I love her completely, but I hate the shedding.

Though I am allergic to cats, Justin talked me into getting one. In 2006 we got Gabby. She is half Siamese and is very pretty with big blue eyes and a racoon tail. She was supposed to be an outside cat due to my allergies but after she was attacked by a dog and nearly died, I became overprotective and kept her indoors. Somehow, my allergies seemed to adjust. I fell helplessly in love with this little girl. She follows me around more than the dogs do. She has to be in the bathroom with me when I get ready in the morning. She sits on the counter and plays with my make-up and Q-tips. It's quite funny. She's a very affectionate cat though she has her prissy moments.

We also have 2 cockatiels that we got January 2008. Their names are Sonny and Cher. Here are some more cute pictures of our pets.

A self-portrait with Gabby.

We always saw Piper pointing at small animals. Then one day, she brought us a treat - dead, still warm squirrel. We had no idea she would hunt one down and kill one. It took a lot of convincing to get her drop it and not bring it inside.

Gabby's favorite spot. We have 2 sinks in the bathroom. This one used to be Justin's but he lost his claim on it.

We had a lot of snow this winter. This particular morning, Katie couldn't even get outside to go to the bathroom.

Katie in her favorite pink sweater. Honestly, she truly likes wearing clothes. When we take off her clothes, she drags them around in her mouth all day.

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