Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Diaper Cake

I just found out about these adorable "diaper cakes" that are all the craze at baby showers. I am organizing an office shower for my friend Jamie at work and I decided to try my hand and make one of these cakes. There are places online that do some really neat themed ones, but they charge well over $100 so I thought I'd research them and make one on my own. You can get pretty elaborate or stay simple. I tried to go somewhere in the middle. The "cake" tiers are made up of rolled diapers, then stacked together on a dowel rod. Then each tier is decorated with ribbons (or you could wrap each tier with receiving blankets or get however fancy), then little presents are placed on and in the "cake". Jamie's nursery is chocolate and blue, so I used those colors for decoration. I thought it turned out pretty cute!

I hadn't heard of them until yesterday (and that's when I made mine), then I went to another office shower today and there was a diaper cake there too! You can also make them with toilet paper or kitchen towels or what-not for house-warming gifts or bridal showers.


Katherine said...

Way to go! Super cute. Showers are so much fun. I just heard about "sprinkles" or mini showers for moms that already have kids. I can't wait to throw one.

Groff Family said...

I love your diaper cake! I have seen those before and thought they were a great idea, but always soooooooooo much money. I'm glad that you are creative enough to make one on your own. It looks even better than the professional ones. I hope that the person you gave it to loved it.


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