Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Justin's Birthday and Memorial Day

Justin happened to be out of town on business over his birthday and we ended up celebrating all Memorial weekend long. I think his favorite present is his mp3 player. He listens to it more than he listens to me. :) I'm glad he likes it.

He wanted a "wedding cake" for his birthday--white cake with raspberry filling. I made it for him and tried to frost it pretty, it turned out ok. I should've got a picture without the candles burning. I guess it tasted ok. I don't really care for white cake at all, so I knew I wouldn't like it no matter what. But it's Justin's once chance to get me to make a white cake, so he practically ate the whole thing by himself.

I was filming Justin blowing out his candles, but he thought I was taking a picture, so he kept dragging it out, so he didn't get all the candles out. No wish this year! Wow, I just watched this and, man, we sound bad singing. It's obvious that Justin is the musical one and we really suffer when he's not leading us.

For Memorial Day, Jordan, Cindy, and Afton took us boating on Gem Lake. We were on the water for maybe 45 minutes. The weather was cold and it started to rain, so it was a short adventure, but fun. We saw lots of birds including pelicans and osprey. We then went back to my house and grilled burgers in our garage. It was fun.

In the following video Afton is doing some kind of song thing. I think it came from Dora the Explorer, but I'm not sure. (A friend saw this and informed me it's from Baby Einstein. Thanks, Kat!)

Cindy, Afton, and Jordan.

Pelicans at Gem Lake.

Lara and Justin boating at Gem Lake.


Katherine said...

The cake is beautiful. I'm really impressed. The song is from Little Einsteins.

Groff Family said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! Sorry that I am terrible at staying on top of birthdays. I'm glad that you had a fun day.


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