Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Seventh Anniversary

Justin and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary on June 8. Neither of us can believe it has been that long! We've definitely matured and our "relationship rhythm" has solidified. We hardly have to "try" at marriage anymore and things are better than they have ever ever ever been. It's miraculous, really. I honestly feel so sad for people whose marriages are a burden instead of the heart of their lives. Not saying our marriage is perfect and no longer takes work, but things are definitely grooving along and we are much better communicators and friends.

Anyway, we decided to spend a little money and get some nice gifts this year. We haven't done gifts since our second anniversary. We went to Jaker's for dinner on Friday night where Justin gave me a gorgeous sapphire pendant. He researched traditional seventh anniversary gifts and the stones for that year are onyx and yellow sapphire. He didn't like onyx and couldn't find yellow sapphires (he could've ordered one but they would've been late for our day), so he picked out a blue sapphire. I think it's perfect though, because Justin is crazy about blue sapphires (he has them in his wedding ring) and so they remind me of him. My gift was less romantic, but as equally well-received. I gave Justin a miter saw. He'll have fun playing with it and I'll reap the benefits of all the home repairs! Sunday was our actual anniversary and we grilled New York steaks, Justin made his famous shrimp scampi, and I made my popular garlic mashed potatoes. We had a lovely meal, then watched romantic comedy movies all day in our P.J.s It was a perfect celebration!

My new pendant.


Here are some pictures from our wedding, seven years ago.


Frederick Family said...

Congratulations on your 7th. We are glad you are so happy. Lovely saphire pendant and so fun to see your wedding pictures.

Groff Family said...

Happy anniversary! The jewelry is gorgeous. It sounds like you had a really fun day.


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