Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Vegetable Garden

Our summer projects are on a role. We have the garage taken care of and this last weekend we created a vegetable garden. We picked a plot, removed the sod, tilled the ground, added topsoil, edged with stone, and planted red corn and carrots. I'll go to the store today to get some more seeds. Our plot is fairly small (10' x 6') but seems just right for our lack of experience. We are nixing tomatoes since they can be testy. But we had a hard weekend of work but we are very proud of our little garden. I hope it grows!


Katherine said...

Way to go! Gardens are great! I don't remember which prophet told us to plant a garden, it was several presidents ago. Anyway he told us to. : )

Groff Family said...

I want to see a picture!

Maria said...

Okay, I just posted a comment but for some reason it isn't showing, so if it decides to add it, sorry for the repeat...Here's what I said, Don't feel bad that your garden is only 6'x10', that is the size of my entire backyard! You gota love Utah! My garden is only 2'x 3' and I planted a zuchini and two tomato plants...I know, it will completely take over my grass, but I wanted those things so bad! I think you should plant tomatoes! I think that they are the easiest to grow with the most reward! (sometimes too much!-thank goodness for neighbors) Last year I had tomatoes and I didn't even plant them! The seeds from the year before decided to sprout- go figure!


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