Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Julie and Stephanie!

Today is my sister Julie’s 30th birthday, and a week ago my sister Stephanie turned 35. I am now officially the only kid in my family still in my twenties. I better savor it.

In honor of my sisters, I am posting two cute pictures from our childhood and writing things I love about them.

So, Stephanie, though a little late (I didn’t think of it until today), in honor of your 35 years upon this earth, here are 35 things I love about you!

Stephanie - 9; Lara - 18 months

  1. You are a fabulous cook and make the best: cinnamon rolls, apple pie, breakfast casserole and more.

  2. You let me be the “spy” when you were dating and I would tell you what your date was wearing when he came to the door so you’d know what to wear (except I messed up!).

  3. You would let me brush your hair.

  4. You are such a fun and wonderful mother.

  5. You gave me a cookie when my Brad made me cry.

  6. You laid claim to the rocking chair in the family room and used the heck out of that thing! I’m surprised you don’t still have it.

  7. You were my “second mom” and always took care of me.

  8. You have an aversion to feet, making it very fun to put bare feet on you (although this has waned a bit since you got married).

  9. You help yourself to my toiletries and cosmetics when visiting and let me do the same at your house.

  10. You are so generous to always host family when anyone comes to Salt Lake.

  11. You can make anything out of anything. When I think the fridge and pantry are empty and there is nothing to eat, you’ll whip up a delicious meal for six using only flour, tarragon, and raw spaghetti noodles. You’re that good.

  12. You were the Tetris Queen back in the day.

  13. You loved the Poison song “Talk Dirty to Me” before you really knew what it meant.

  14. You always dated the cutest boys and I had a little sister crush on all of them—Joel, Casey, John, Boyd, and, the best one ever, Jeff.

  15. You let me stay for a few days with you when you were living in a basement apartment at Ricks College. I’m sure I was so obnoxious the whole time but I had a blast.

  16. You know all the words to all the songs of High School Musical.

  17. You have your kids call to leave cute messages on the answering machine and have them make the sweetest valentines to send in the mail to us all.

  18. You sacrificed a lot and got your RN!

  19. You’d write me my own letters while you were on your mission.

  20. You have a great sense of adventure and you’re always up for anything.

  21. You’re not nearly as prudish as one might think!

  22. You’ve worked awful night shifts for years so you could be home with your kids during the day.

  23. Even though three of your kids share the same birthday, you always make three different cakes and treat them all very special.

  24. You taught me how to navigate the challenges of changing little boys’ diapers.

  25. You click when you laugh.

  26. You make special trips up (even very short trips) for important occasions like my graduation.

  27. You always have the cutest clothes and are willing to share your shopping secrets.

  28. When I visit, you’ll stay up into the wee hours of the morning every night talking and gossiping and having fun.

  29. You speak Spanish.

  30. You stole the wedding dress pattern I had picked out as a kid for years, but it was for the best because I love the dress I ended up with.

  31. Yours was the first pregnant belly I ever touched.

  32. By puking up vegetables you were forced to eat, you paved the way for the rest of us to never have to eat anything we really didn’t like.

  33. You’re everyone’s favorite.

  34. By performing in Brigadoon, you helped me discover my inner thespian.

  35. You’re a great example with a heart of gold and sense of humor to match and no one could ask for a better biggest sister.

Julie—you are the big 3-0 today. No way are you mature enough for that! j/k. In lamentation celebration of this notable event, here are 30 things I love about you!

Julie -4 1/2; Lara - 15 months

  1. You created the “stinker station” for us when we shared the bathroom.

  2. You sometimes let me borrow your clothes and never killed me for the times I didn’t ask.

  3. You said that if Mom and Dad ever got divorced, you’d go wherever I went.

  4. You let me tag along with you and your friends when you’d play nightgames in the street.

  5. You showed me how to use…a certain feminine product.

  6. You’re a returned missionary.

  7. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace inspired you to go on a mission.

  8. You’d tell me all your high school drama with your friends and boyfriends so I could live vicariously through you.

  9. You drove me up to West Yellowstone just for an ice cream cone from the best ice cream shop in the world.

  10. You let me drive your car while you were on your mission (sorry a stupid driver smashed into it!)

  11. You have such knowledge about the gospel along with your strong testimony and you’re the one I bounce “intellectual” gospel questions off of.

  12. When we divided our room into sides, you’d let me cross onto your side so I could get to my clothes in the closet.

  13. You introduced me to Days of Our Lives and The Babysitters Club.

  14. You and I would melt watching John Stamos on the music video for “Kokomo.”

  15. You didn’t tell Mom and Dad when I would blame bad things on the neighbor.

  16. You’d play Barbies with me.

  17. You orchestrated a sting campaign to convince Mom and Dad to take us to Hawaii. (And it worked!)

  18. You’d tell Mom I practiced the piano even when I didn’t.

  19. You’re a great mother to Camden. You even blend his food, and his sign language is so cute.

  20. You’re a great dog-mom to Marley.

  21. You taught me naughty words (or your friends did).

  22. You learned to pee standing up with me so we could watch “Smurfs.”

  23. You are very dedicated and have done so many great things with your life—living on your own for awhile, serving a mission, working full-time+ while getting your degree and being the R.S. president, living in all kinds of fun places and ripping your jeans on Slains Castle. You rock!

  24. You prevented me from cracking my head on the fireplace by putting your hand in the way and bashed your finger.

  25. You gave me your old bike and painted it for me.

  26. You are a warrior and get really passionate about things you believe in.

  27. You married a California boy.

  28. We share a long-lasting love for Chris LeDoux.

  29. You click when you laugh.

  30. You are a fun sister and I can’t imagine growing up without sharing, fighting, and bonding with you.
Happy Birthday, Stephanie and Julie. I love you both.


Frederick Family said...


Thank you. You reminded me of many fun memories. I have loved that picture of us together, I think that those are Grandma Hays' hats. I love you!!

Orange Juice said...


I am so glad that you found me. This post was so entertaining to read. It made me wish that I had some sisters!! Oh, well. The memories with the brothers will have to satisfy. You look great too, and so happy. I am excited to keep in touch. It is hard to let go of those Falls Valley memories. What fun those days were.

Groff Family said...

Thanks Lara! That was a fun trip down memory lane, too bad I wasn't a nicer sister when we were growing up!


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