Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Just a quick update to say that nothing more has happened at work. I replied to the CMO's email and apologized for putting him in a position he was unprepared for and nicely asked for his help. But again, nothing. No one has talked to me at all. So I am planning on doing everything I was planning on doing anyway.

We are meeting with a caseworker from a local agency this Friday to see if like this agency. I'm excited for that.

This past weekend, I went to The Wizard of Oz with some friends. It was a dinner theater and every fifteen minutes during dinner the "Oreo" witches guard green guys came out and paraded around the stage with ominous music playing. After about the fifth time of this happening, we just got the giggles. It seemed so funny and pointless. The show was good. The actors were all (well, mostly) very talented with lovely voices. We found it comical that during the performance, shots of the movie were used as a "set". Like the tornado scene. Or when Dorothy and gang go before the wizard. Except in that scene the voice of the wizard (a live performer) didn't match up with the movements on the movie. We got a kick out of that. But it was a very fun night. Thanks, J.Clark and Lindsey for the fabulous company!

On Sunday, we said goodbye to my in-laws. My parents, sister Julie (and Camden), and brother Jordan (with Cindy and Afton) were camping up in Island Park. So I drove up there for the evening. We did a couple of fun geocaches in the mountains. Then we had a yummy dutch oven dinner. I drove home and took Cindy with me.

I took Monday off work and went back up to Island Park. We hung out and played games. We played a mostly fun game of dominoes and a really interesting game of Mormon bridge. Camden was a sweetie and it was fun to see him playin in the dirt and water. He is so good at his sign language and is starting to use the potty. He wasn't quite sure how to enjoy s'mores, but that's ok because it left more for me! I'll be able to post some pictures later.

We're planning on going up to Island Park again this weekend. It will just be us and my parents. I'll keep you updated. Also, if you want to read some really cute stories, go t my sister Stephanie's blog and read about Jessica's little antics. She's so awesome.

No more waterproof mascara.

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