Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Brown Gravy

I am a gravy moron. I can't make it. My mother has taught me how on numerous occassions, but I just can't get it right. I can make roast--delicious, tender, juicy roast--but not gravy. The main problem I have is that there is never enough drippings left from the roast/turkey/chicken to make the gravy. I know what to do with the drippings, but I just never seem to get them. So I am asking any readers for suggestions.

I made a roast Sunday for my in-laws. The meat, carrots, and potatoes turned out lovely. But not a tablespoon of juice was left in the bottom of the pan. So I desperately tried to make gravy from random things in my house. I used a glass of water, a can of Pepsi, a dash of worchestershire sauce, a few tablespoons of consumme soup, salt, and flour for thickening. It worked, but it was a little sweet. It didn't complement the meat the way gravy from the drippings does. So if anyone has any fabulous "from-scratch" gravy ideas or ideas on how to get more drippings from the meat, PLEASE SHARE!!!


Groff Family said...

I have the same problem! My gravy is always horrible, or non-existant. I learned a little trick from Mom once. Add a store bought packet of gravy (cook it according to package instructions) to whatever amount of gravy you can actually make. That will make it go further and it will help achieve the correct taste (that's where I always have a problem). Good luck, pass along any tips that you get to me, please!

Sneakers said...

Cooking the meat with the vegetables in the same pan will invariably cause the vegetables to absorb the fat and drippings from the meat. To get good gravy, you have to compromise and allow the meat to cook solo for a while or add additional juices earlier in the cooking process.

Also, the more fat in the meat, the better the gravy. For something like a lean rump, I use a can of beef broth to de-glaze the drippings. Also, if boiling potatoes, save some of the water and use that with your drippings. The starches and salts complement the gravy quite well.


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