Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week 3: Almost there....

So you may have noticed I renumberd my weeks in my adoption timeline. Before, I had labeled the very first day as week one, and then I decided that I would call that week zero and that week one should be labeled after the first seven days were completed. So, now we are at week three...this means that it has been 21 days since we put our application in the mail.

Our paperwork is 90% complete. We have four of our six letters of recommendation. We got a message from our doctor's office today saying our HIV tests and medical forms are ready to be picked up. On a side note, we are both HIV negative. I *knew* we would be, but it's the first time I've ever been officially tested for it--though we both have donated blood with no problems. And it's a little unnerving. I couldn't help but wonder what if. Maybe my dentist had a cut on his finger...Or maybe the virus mutated and is now airborne. Anyway...silly paranoia. We're fine. Back to the story.

So for our background checks, we thought we'd have an easy in because Justin knows some people at the state building. Well, that connection didn't pan out the way we thought it would and we had to go through the same process as everyone else with the same waiting period. When we went to schedule our fingerprinting appointment, the soonest appointments were three weeks out. Yikes! I was upset. But then, I was smart. I checked the availability of surrounding towns and saw that a town about an hour south of us was pretty wide open. So we scheduled fingerprinting for today. Justin and my appointments were back to back. So we both snuck away from work and drove an hour to get our prints done. As luck has it, I was running behind getting away from work. My empty light came on and I had to stop for gas. And I messed up reading the directions to the state building. All those delays added up and despite Justin's seamless and very speedy driving, I was about ten minutes late to my appointment. And that was ten minutes too late. They wouldn't take us both at that point. Justin's schedule is a little more flexible than mine so I went ahead and had my fingerprinting done. It is neat that it's all done digitally now, so I didn't have to get messy ink all over my digits. It took all of five minutes and even though my fingerprinting only went five minutes into Justin's appointment, they flat out refused to do his as well (and weren't very nice about it either). But they did let us know that one of their workers is going to our town next week to help out since they are so backed up. So we have a heads up so Justin can make an appointment here locally tomorrow morning as soon as those appointments show up in the system. I was upset though. All the little delays were my fault and I was in tears the whole way home. (Another side note--I've been uber emotional lately. It must be the Lupron/menopause thing.)

One more background check and one more letter of recommendation. I think we are right on schedule to have our home study done at the end of August. Hopefully, our house will be ready by then. We've been working on getting the basement clean and organized and it alway seems like the mess gets worse before it gets better.

Tomorrow we are headed to Boise for the weekend where we will attend a mandatory adoption training seminar at our agency's headquarters. We're looking forward to celebrating at Joe's Crab Shack. Celebrating what, you might ask. Well let me tell you. Tuesday was a good day. First, I booked our hotel in Boise through First time I've ever used the whole "name your own price" thingy. We got a room at the Hyatt for $55. Normally $90. So I was happy about that. And then as I was wandering the halls at work, I was nabbed by the VP of Administration (the lady I addressed my proposal to) and pulled into her office. Basically, it's a secret, but my company will not be changing their benefits policy. However, like I had heard rumblings of, they do help good employees who ask and they are offering a generous amount of assistance to me. We are thrilled. Even though it would be great if they changed their benefits policy, I am happy that I still was brave enough to ask them even when the marketing VP thought it was a bad idea. I was true to myself and I am receiving a personal blessing for bravery.

So, I need to pack tonight so we can leave for the state capitol tomorrow. I can hardly keep my eyes open and I am not even sure this post is coherent.

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Groff Family said...

I'm glad that it is coming together for you! I hope you have a nice time in Boise.


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