Saturday, August 9, 2008

Week 2: Doctors and Such

Well, I'm a few days late of the "week 3" deadline. So this last week we've been getting people to write our letters of recommendation. We have one of six back (thanks Mike and Deatte!). We went to the doctor on Tuesday for his approval. He has been my family's doctor forever. He even delivered me. He always asks about my parents by name and he remembers a lot of details. Although...he is always under the impression that either my sister is a concert pianist. So not true. I get tired of correcting him so I just play along and say that she doesn't play professionally any more. Weird.

Our dear caseworker Claire let us know that as soon as we are done with our essays we can turn those into her so she can review them while we wait for things like background checks and HIV test results, so that is really cool. She has assured me the homestudy won't be that big of a deal--we don't need to overhaul our lives our install a home security system or anything crazy. But I think it's just a trick. I still continue to fully stress out over it.

On a side note, my BFF from my childhood cut her hair. I haven't seen it this "short" since sixth grade. Take a look.

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