Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 5: Finished

I mailed off adoption paperwork yesterday. The final time line was a month and six days. Our home study is scheduled for next Sunday.

And for any potential adoptive parents reading this blog, here are things I would've done differently:

The first things I would do would be to schedule background checks, the doctor's visits, and the HIV test. It's easier to start with the essays, but those things should be scheduled first because they took the longest.

And I would hound my husband a little more about paperwork. :)

We could've shaved a week or two off our paperwork time if I'd done that.

And today we are finishing our front porch project. I'll have pics later.


Maria said...

Man it's been awhile since I've gone to anyones blog! I've been reading your blog and I realized I have a lot of catching up to do! First thought: I feel so anxious for you! I hope that everything goes smoothly with the adoption process, you'll make a great mom, even great moms can't make gravy! :) Second thought, did you really add Pepsi to your gravy??? You're crazy! Although carbonated gravy does sound kinda fun! My trick to gravy (usually I use drippings) but when I don't get any, I use a Packet (yes, I even but the cheap Walmart ones) but instead of water, I ALWAYS use beef or chicken broth, and try adding a tablespoon of real butter. The other trick, if I cook one of those small chickens (they are super easy) I save the giblets and boil them with a stick of celery, a carrot, half an onion, and 2-3 cups water. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer 15-20 minutes then strain liquid from nasty chicken innards! And the funny thing is, after all that work, I still add a gravy packet to it to thicken it! Third thought, DANG on that whole money thing! That's awesome! I'm worth squat, literally. Fourth thought, thanks for the link to Jared's, that was pretty cool! How the heck did you find him? I tried a google blog search a few months back and came up with nothing! Sorry for the long post, it's just been awhile! :)I guess I'm good at that though.

Katherine said...

What a milestone! Congratulation.


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