Friday, September 5, 2008

My Hero

I've never really had a role model or hero I've revered or looked up to the way some people do. Until now. See this woman? Isn't she drop-dead gorgeous? She's a kind, intelligent woman who is really doing her part to promote world peace. If you think she's a beauty queen, well, you're wrong. Mostly. She is a queen. Queen Rania of Jordan.

What's not to love? First, she's lived the life every girl dreams of...being swept off her feet by a prince, marrying him, and becoming queen, having four beautiful children, and having the power and capacity to do such good.

Queen Rania's latest effort has been to address negative stereotypes about Middle Eastern people and Muslims. Since the spring, she has launched a campaign on YouTube to speak to the world and invite questions and comments which she has been addressing for months. How cool is that? A royal using YouTube to reach the world! Not only is she beautiful, kind, intelligent, and powerful, she is also hip!

This is the introductory video. Search around if you'd like to find other videos of Queen Rania addressing topics like terrorism, honor killings, domestic violence, poverty, anti-Americanism, and more. You can sign up for a YouTube account and be updated whenever Queen Rania posts a new video.

Here are so more pictures of her. I really think she is incredible. I have finally found a true role model. I love her feminity and the appeal of her royalty. I love her message and her bravery as she makes steps to end cultural hatred.

“Educating our children is not just about imposing a body of knowledge on them. Rather, it involves preparing children from the early years for the world in which they will come of age. It means instilling a love for lifelong learning, creativity, self-expression and an appreciation for diversity.”

- Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah upon the opening of the Children's Museum, May 2007


Jared Smith said...

Interesting... well, anyone hanging out with Bono has got to be cool!

Maria said...

Wow, you're right, she is gorgeous! How neat would that be to do so much for the world. I realize everyday that I'm pretty selfish! :) How did you come across her? Also, how long till you know anything from the adoption agency?

Groff Family said...

She is pretty amazing, thanks for sharing! She reminds me a lot of Princess Di in her humanitarian efforts and her beauty.


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