Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Home Visit

Big. Sigh. Of. Relief. Altoghether now: PHEW!!! It's over! It's time to sit back, bite our nails, and wait.

We had our home visit yesterday. We had a busy week with some home repairs and lots of tidying and organizing. Yes, we probably went overboard stressing out about the cleanliness of our house, but I don't regret it. My house is probably cleaner than it has ever been as long as I have lived here. So I am totally ready for a baby. I've officially nested. :)

I just have to give public kudos to my sweetie of a husband who did so much work building the porch railing, organizing the storage room, cleaning almost all of the house, and putting together the nursery. Saturday night I came down with a fever and he finished all the chores and took care of me, even finding a sub for my Sunday school class.

Our caseworker said our paperwork was fabulous--the best she's read in a really long time. She hardly had any questions for us and said that we have really expressed our maturity and emotional readiness for an adoption. She also said they have mothers scheduled to come in this October and November to find parents for their babies and she's glad that we'll be in the pool for those two ladies. It will take about a week for our caseworker to type up the notes from the homestudy, then we'll sign it, fork up some more moola, then we'll officially be on the waiting list. Yippee Skippy!


Groff Family said...

Hurray! I knew that you were being too ultra-paranoid about the whole home visit thing. Everyone knew that you'd do fine. While you're in the cleaning and organizing mode, do you want to come help me do the same to my house? You should post some pictures of the nursery and the new railing, I'd love to see it. Do you have a baby registry yet? Let me know if you want some help with it.

Max said...

Wow! I don't know how you can handle the waiting, I have butterflies in my stomach for you!!! That is so exciting! I hope those moms love you just as much as everyone else and pick you! I would love to see some pictures of your home improvements (and the nursery!)

Maria said...

She lives right next to Bonneville High. She does a lot of them in her home or on the Johnson farm which is right by her house, but she also goes to peoples homes if they prefer.

JANEAL said...

Isn't it nice having your home study out of the way? Now you can sit back, but you won't be relaxing I can tell you that. With the agency you are using do they bring the birth mothers to Idaho to have their babies? I have looked at a couple of agencies in Utah that do that. Online I requested info from the agency you are using and I never heard back from anyone.

Amy said...

Lara! It's Amy (Brower). How are you doing? That's so awesome that you are looking into adoption! I'm am doing really well. I'm living in Ohio, and life is good.

Amy said...

Hey! It's Amy (Brower) So I thought I left a post, but I don't see it, so sorry if you get two. How are you doing? How is life treating you. I'm doing really well. Just hanging out in Ohio. Good luck with all the adoption stuff!

Katherine said...

WOO HOO! What exciting news! Congratulations!


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