Saturday, September 13, 2008

Project Report: Railing Completed

Project #2765840-115G Debriefing

Status: Over schedule, over budget, but complete

Labor Allocation: Four people (Justin, Jordan, Cindy, and Lara) and one little girl (Afton) put in a total of approximately 40 man hours. Lara measured and sawed the lumber, then painted. Justin secured the pieces together. Jordan secured railing to cement and stabilized the structure. Cindy kept the team fed. Afton "helped" paint.

MVP: Jordan. He spent his entire Saturday (well past midnight) helping us, then came back another time after work the following week and helped us finish.

Honorable Mention: Cindy. After working an eight-hour shift, she looked after Afton and made dinner to allow us maximum efficiency in completing the mission.

Casualties: One camp chair, two drill bits, and several marigold plants

Injury report: Small girl of 3, a.k.a. Afton, tripped and fell off the porch (ironic since the point of the railing is to prevent further similar incidents). Sustained an abrasion to the chin, scrapes to the hand, and a cut to the back of her lft lower leg.

Reactions: All the neighbors are jealous and impressed.

Project Intel:
  • Do not let children in the construction zone

  • I have a really great brother
  • Rent the cement drill upfront. If not, you'll go to Home Depot in the middle of the project to rent it anyway.
  • Make sure correct bit for cement drill is included. If not, another trip to Home Depot will be made.
  • Determine that all cement work is finished and secure before returning drill. If not, wife will receive a call at Home Depot while returning said drill and have to abort the transaction to bring drill back to project.
  • Flirt with old man at Home Depot tool rental department. Results? 24-rental for the price of 1-hour.
  • One way distance between project location and Home Depot = 9.38 minutes. Time needed to drive to Home Depot = approximately 15 minutes.
  • Beavis and Butthead come out after dark when boys play with power tools
  • Dremel tools are good for anything
  • Painting wood before assembly is preferable to painting afterward
  • The sound of power tools at midnight really echo in a culdesac
  • There is no need to buy different lengths of screws when you have a Dremel tool
  • Jordan, Justin, Lara, Cindy, and Afton make an excellent team!

Before (Notice Piper in the doorway)

Monday Night (Labor Day)

Justin holds a long nail with a pair of pliers while Jordan trims it shorter with a Dremel

Jordan drilling into the cement

Justin piecing together the railing
Afton poses in front of the rails she helped paint.

Lara painting (notice the broken camp chair next to broke while I was sitting on it painting. What a mess!)

Silly boys goofing around

Jordan uses the Dremel to trim his handywork

Afton's Owies


Max said...

I LOVE it!!! Like always, you crack me up! the railing looks great!!! Way to go you guys!!! Do you want to come do my house next? :) By the way I tagged you!

Groff Family said...

Looks awesome! Now I just need pics of the nursery!


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