Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Hair, Ghost Stories, and More

Remember, leave a comment with your personal encounters with the beyond (see the previous post for more info). On Halloween, I'll post the best ghost story!

I got a new hair cut yesterday. I love my salon. It's called The Defining Line. If you live where I do, I highly recommend it. It's a little on the pricey side, but it is entirely worth it. I've been going regularly for over a year, and my hair is more amazing than I ever thought it would be. It's late notice, but if you go during October, they are doing a food drive. You get $1 off your service for every can of food, up to half the cost of your service. Nice! Anyway, I wanted to keep my length, but I was getting a little bored, so...Amy gave me bangs!

I'm still getting used to them. What do you think? Do I look 13?

Here are some pictures from Jordan's Halloween Party, my birthday, and my Halloween party.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I believe in ghosts. Spirits. Angels. Demons. Whether they are all the same thing (people passed on) or different varieties of the same thing (people passed on), I believe in them. But I've always been a bit skeptical about haunted houses and spirits with unfinished business. I think spirits, specially good ones, have plenty to do in heaven, so kind Grandma Blanche really isn't going to be hanging around waiting to tell me something, or took a wrong turn at the tunnel with the light and is somehow lost in her old house. But I don't want to get too deep into my totally fallible ghost theories.

What I really want to say is this...I'm starting to wonder if my house is haunted. I'm not totally believing in it yet--I'm still a skeptic. But here is what has made me think this. When we moved into this house, I started having night terrors. I wake up in the night screaming. It's not caused by a nightmare. Justin will wake me out of it, I'll feel silly for a second, and go straight back to sleep. With a nightmare, there are reasons why you wake up terrified--the axe murderer with a hockey mask, a slight case of nudity at Walmart, a surprise presentation in front of the entire company. You wake up with these horrible visions in your head, your heart is racing, you're sweat glands are in over drive, and it takes you a second to realize it's just a dream. After several deep breaths, and perhaps a bathroom break, you lay back down and after awhile, you calm down enough to go to sleep. Those are nightmares. Night terrors are not like that. Just screaming. No memory of a bad dream. No extra time needed to calm down and go back to sleep.

So, like I said, they started when we moved into this house. I researched them a bit. Funny thing, they are pretty rare in adults. Little kids usually have them and grow out of them in a couple years. I started having one, maybe two a month. Now it's about two a week. I had one last night that I don't even remember. But sometimes, I do remember a bit of what sets me off. It's a tall figure of a man by my bedside. Tall. Like six and a half-feet tall. No features. More like a shadow man, for those of you familiar with paranormal terminology.

Justin says I'm crazy. It's all in my head. Well, sure, I agree. Just a figment of my imagination. Stress. Something else. But then, lately, there have been other things. My dryer went on a couple weeks ago for no reason. Hasn't done it before, hasn't done it since. Lights turn on and off. I will think the lights are burned out, go to change them, and they turn on. Or one of the weirder things is that we have a light in our hall that has two lightswitches that control it. Basically, for the light to be on, one light switch is up, one is down. When they are both down, it is off. When they are both up, it is off. So, the hall light went out--all three light bulbs--last week. We played with the switches. It was not working. Later that day, it came on. When both light switches were down. So now the light switches are all backwards, but the light is working. All three lightbulbs. Weird.

So I just asked Justin casually the other day if the house might be haunted. He said no. The house is only about 14 years old. Too young to be haunted. He wouldn't even consider the idea. Well, I think he's jealous. He's more into ghosts and the paranormal than I am. So I think he's jealous that a ghost would bug me and not him.

I'm not saying the house is haunted. I'm not saying the night terrors aren't caused by stress or a misfiring neuron in my brain. I just think it's wrong to entirely black out a possibility, as slight as it might be.

But now I want to you believe in ghosts? Write me a comment with your opinion or experience. Halloween is coming up, this is the perfect time for it. I'll post the best story on Halloween.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ways to Help with Adoption

As more and more of our family and friends learn of our plans to adopt, many have wondered, "How can I help?" We are definitely not above help so here are some ways! :)

First: Help us advertise. It's estimated that one half to two thirds of all adoptions are independent adoptions. That means that the adoptions are done without the help of an agency. Although we are having an agency advertise for us, we still need others to help us get the word out. We created a pass along card for this purpose. Hang one on your fridge. Give one to your church clergy. Take them to your local women's shelter or family planning clinic. Give one to your ob-gyn. Hang one in your office at work. You never know who will see it who knows somebody who wants to place a baby. Put this blog address on your blog. Do a little post about us:

Second: Please be an advocate for adoption in general. If you are a member of the LDS church, please become familiar with the Church's policy on adoption (while the word from the prophet is clear, there are still a staggering amount of single teen mothers in the Church). Support friends and family who are going through unplanned pregnancies and encourage them to consider adoption.

Third. Donate. We've already had so many people generously give us money, gifts, and used baby items. These gifts are so helpful and meaningful. Adoption is humbling in so many ways, and this is definitely one of them. We've had so many people ask how they can help support us financially that we have created an account through PayPal to provide an easy way for all of you to safely donate to our fund. We have already spent over $2000 out of pocket in the last three months and we will probably spend around $10,000 more by the time everything is said and done. So at your request, I've added a link on the side of the blog for those who would like to donate money. If you would like to donate anything else, we humbly thank you. Just leave us a post.

On a different note, one of our pass along cards is showing some promise. There is a woman Justin works with, we'll call her J, whose son's girlfriend, M, is pregnant (the current boyfriend is not the father). M has been considering terminating the pregnancy, but J convinced her to consider adoption and gave her a pass along card. M checked out our blog and emailed us and asked to see us. She lives in the state, about an hour away, so we made a trip last week and took J and M out to dinner. I can't imagine the meeting going any better. M is still unsure of what she would like to do, but she says that if she decides on adoption, we are the family for her, she doesn't want to look at anyone else. So that is the good news. The bad news is that she can still decide to terminate the pregnancy or she can decide to parent. She is 17 weeks pregnant and due in late March. She is coming to Idaho Falls for her 20 week ultra sound the first week of November and wants to see us again then. So we are praying for her at this time. Our agency says to prepare for a failed adoption attempt for every child, so while we are hopeful, we are still guarded. Adoption papers cannot be signed until 72 hours after the birth of the baby, so there is plenty of time for a mother to change her mind.

So while our contact with M is exciting, we still need your help advertising and promoting us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

In celebration of my 27 glorious years on this planet I give you permission to honor me in one of the following ways:

  • Watch Finding Nemo

  • Treat yourself to a massage

  • Enjoy gourmet shellfish

  • Buy a pair of novelty Halloween socks

  • Eat a ton of raspberry sticks

  • Refuse to do the dishes or lift a finger at all

  • Blog on your new laptop

Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Trip to St. George

The first week of October we drove to St. George, Utah, to visit my parents. Julie and Aaron happened to be in St. George at the same time making work contacts for Aaron. The weather was very lovely most of the time. We spent a day boating at Sand Hollow Reservoir. We enjoyed tubing and playing on the beach. Later in the afternoon, Julie, Camden, and I went on the tube, but the weather started to turn a bit. We all got soaked with cold water on the tube and Camden hated it. Needless to say it was a short ride. Aaron did a little wake-boarding. Then Justin and Aaron went on the tube and had fun witha wild ride and coordinated a fantastic bail out which sent the tube into the air 30 feet.

We enjoyed two fantastic plays at Tuacahn theater. We saw Les Miserables and Big River. They were both extraordinary and I am so glad we went! It was so worth it. I've seen Les Mis twice before--in Salt Lake and Seattle, both by Broadway companies. This was the first time the rights to Les Mis were released, so it was not a Broadway company at Tuacahn, and it was the best show I've seen. Maybe it was the excellent seats or the cool mountain air, but it was amazing. Big River was so fun too. They actually flooded the stage and made it rain for the Mississippi River ambiance. The actor who played Huck was so energetic, I got tired watching him. He totally seemed like a kid.

We had a good weekend overall. Mom and Dad hitched a ride to Salt Lake with us. Then we drove up through Logan Canyon in an attempt to see some fall colors. It was dusky, but we were able to see some beautiful trees. It was a long drive, but fun.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hoping to Adopt

We are officially on the waiting list for A New Beginning Adoption Agency. Taking a bit of inspiration from this lady, I created a pass-along card. I've given these 4x6 cards to my family friends and asked them to put them on their refrigerators, hang them in their office, give them away to others who might know somebody, etc. If you would like to help Justin and me out with this word of mouth advertising, leave a comment with your address and how many cards you want and I'll send them!

We've also created a separate blog as a profile for people who want to learn more about us as adoptive parents. Check it out! Spread the word and hopefully we'll be parents sooner rather than later. If you want, please post this blog link on your blog for everyone to see:


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