Monday, October 27, 2008

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I believe in ghosts. Spirits. Angels. Demons. Whether they are all the same thing (people passed on) or different varieties of the same thing (people passed on), I believe in them. But I've always been a bit skeptical about haunted houses and spirits with unfinished business. I think spirits, specially good ones, have plenty to do in heaven, so kind Grandma Blanche really isn't going to be hanging around waiting to tell me something, or took a wrong turn at the tunnel with the light and is somehow lost in her old house. But I don't want to get too deep into my totally fallible ghost theories.

What I really want to say is this...I'm starting to wonder if my house is haunted. I'm not totally believing in it yet--I'm still a skeptic. But here is what has made me think this. When we moved into this house, I started having night terrors. I wake up in the night screaming. It's not caused by a nightmare. Justin will wake me out of it, I'll feel silly for a second, and go straight back to sleep. With a nightmare, there are reasons why you wake up terrified--the axe murderer with a hockey mask, a slight case of nudity at Walmart, a surprise presentation in front of the entire company. You wake up with these horrible visions in your head, your heart is racing, you're sweat glands are in over drive, and it takes you a second to realize it's just a dream. After several deep breaths, and perhaps a bathroom break, you lay back down and after awhile, you calm down enough to go to sleep. Those are nightmares. Night terrors are not like that. Just screaming. No memory of a bad dream. No extra time needed to calm down and go back to sleep.

So, like I said, they started when we moved into this house. I researched them a bit. Funny thing, they are pretty rare in adults. Little kids usually have them and grow out of them in a couple years. I started having one, maybe two a month. Now it's about two a week. I had one last night that I don't even remember. But sometimes, I do remember a bit of what sets me off. It's a tall figure of a man by my bedside. Tall. Like six and a half-feet tall. No features. More like a shadow man, for those of you familiar with paranormal terminology.

Justin says I'm crazy. It's all in my head. Well, sure, I agree. Just a figment of my imagination. Stress. Something else. But then, lately, there have been other things. My dryer went on a couple weeks ago for no reason. Hasn't done it before, hasn't done it since. Lights turn on and off. I will think the lights are burned out, go to change them, and they turn on. Or one of the weirder things is that we have a light in our hall that has two lightswitches that control it. Basically, for the light to be on, one light switch is up, one is down. When they are both down, it is off. When they are both up, it is off. So, the hall light went out--all three light bulbs--last week. We played with the switches. It was not working. Later that day, it came on. When both light switches were down. So now the light switches are all backwards, but the light is working. All three lightbulbs. Weird.

So I just asked Justin casually the other day if the house might be haunted. He said no. The house is only about 14 years old. Too young to be haunted. He wouldn't even consider the idea. Well, I think he's jealous. He's more into ghosts and the paranormal than I am. So I think he's jealous that a ghost would bug me and not him.

I'm not saying the house is haunted. I'm not saying the night terrors aren't caused by stress or a misfiring neuron in my brain. I just think it's wrong to entirely black out a possibility, as slight as it might be.

But now I want to you believe in ghosts? Write me a comment with your opinion or experience. Halloween is coming up, this is the perfect time for it. I'll post the best story on Halloween.


Liz Smith said...

if what they say is true and the spirit world is on earth, then absolutely i believe in ghosts. i have no stories of my own, i like to think of most of them as being angels even...however, i do believe there can be bad too.

Here's a story from a friend's mission out in Chile not too long ago (it always gives me the creeps):

Our friend had served in mission in Chile about 3 years ago. While he was there, one of the missionaries in his district became very interested in Cain. Who knows why, but he became obsessed. He would stay up reading and studying about him. He would try to find books or anything about him to learn more. One night, him and his companion were jolted awake and saw a HUGE dark figure standing at their doorway. They couldnt tell who or what it was; the only thing they knew was that they sensed pure evil. They immediately got out of bed and called their mission president. When the mission president arrived at their apartment he was FURIOUS and completely laid into the missionary that had been studying up on Cain and who had basically opened the door for his evil spirit. He told him that he had invited evil into their lives and that he needed to stop immediately! He then blessed the apartment and ordered any evil spirits to leave.

so there you have it. who knows. i think there are too many creepy stories like that to ignore the possibility. but yeah, i still like to only think about nice ghosts. haha. happy halloween!

Melissa said...

Ask Annie, Maria, or Miranda about our house ghost and our house wasn't very old either. If everyone was down in the basement, the toilet would flush and we would hear someone walking around upstairs.

Jared Smith said...

Well, I don't have any good ghost stories, but I did like the post. My wife thinks every noise at night is a ghost and tells me our place is haunted. I just shake my head and tell her to go to sleep. I'm like you, I don't not believe, I'm just a skeptic. As for your crazy lights.... I can think of 2 possiblities: 1) Critters living in your walls that could be chewing on wires or 2) you have a husband like me who likes a good joke and is messing with your head :P I let you decide which is worse! Happy Halloween, muahahaha

Kamie said...

Uhm... things like this freak me out. I can't even talk about it. Ha ha. I use to say that I did not believe in Ghosts... but the more stories I hear from family and the way that I get completely freaked out when I even consider thinking about it... the more I get scared and think that they are more real than I care to admit. Even if only in my imagination. Either way.... they freak me out. Oh, did I already mention that? :)

Frederick Family said...

You should hear the stories at the hospital. So many spirits that walk the halls, some are there to help others in their times of need others are the spirits of kids who have died and they still walk in and out of the room they died in. Many times the sick kids at the hospital are the ones seeing the spirits; those are usually past family members that are their to help the patient. I believe in all of these since the spirit world is here within our own world. Nonetheless, try telling these stories when you are working in one of these areas and it is three in the morning and you have the winkies. It can be very interesting.

Meagan said...

Have you thought about getting your house dedicated? I know a lot of LDS people who do that when they move to a new place. We've been meaning to do it here but haven't yet. But if your having some weird stuff happen I think you should definately do it!

Groff Family said...

I had a really similar story to Liz's that happened to me on my mission. Except we weren't messing around with Cain or anything. It's really too creepy for me to re-tell, I hated the experience.

Then when we lived in Costa Mesa, almost every night I would wake up in the middle of the night to a dark figure standing at the end of our bed. I was too scared to ever say anything. I never even told Aaron until after we moved to Reno and I was so glad to be out of that old apartment. It had happened for months. Thankfully the figure didn't follow us, it belongs to 423 W. Bay St. in Costa Mesa, CA!

Justin said...

Hello, Justin here. I of course believe in ghosts and yes I am jealous that if the house is haunted, I haven't seen anything. I have had various experiences that have affirmed my belief in the paranormal.

In the year 2000 I was the technical director in the western wyoming community college theatre in rock springs wyoming. That is where Lara and I met, and at this time we were engaged. I had various "eeire" vibes in the theatre and thought I was just paranoid.

I was working with some people in the theatre, and Lara who was interested in the paranormal and we were going to take a trip to Green River Wyoming that was rumored to have a haunted library and also a haunted cemetary. We went to the theatre to retrieve some flashlights and other instruments needed for the investigation. We decided that we would have the recorder on while in the theatre and I had always joked about "Bob" which is the name I gave the "entity" I believed was haunting me.

We started recording everywhere in the theatre and the backstage areas. There was Amber, Rene, AJ, and me. AJ and I decided to go up to the light booth of the theatre and take control of the lighting on stage to scare Amber and Rene, and it worked! They screamed and yelled at AJ and me and were finally able to get the lights back on.

After our theatre visit while waiting for Lara to get off work at JC Penney's we decided to listen to the tape not expecting to get anything. Wow, were we wrong! As AJ and I were going up to the light booth there is a small whispering voice that is heard on the tape saying "hey". After we shut the lights off, and Amber yelled, the voice says "hey" rather loudly in a whisper. We were so excited to hear that that we about had a coronary. Lara was a little upset that we didn't wait for her, and maybe our haunted house is the payback.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience years ago when I was about 20 (now 40). I was house sitting my friends house and sleeping over. I got into bed and turned out the light. I don't remember what I was thinking about while trying to fall asleep, just remember looking out the bedroom window. All of a sudden this very tall shadow figure came from the dark closet, where it appeared that it just walked out of the shadow on the closet door. It paused for a second then came straight for me. I was so scared I yanked the sheets up to my face so hard that I gave myself a bloody nose. With the sheets over my head, it was like I could almost feel it's presence. I can't remember if I told it to go away or not to hurt me or if I just held my breath. After what seemed like 20 minutes (must have been less) I decided to try and find the light with the sheet still over my face. I of course, being in a strangers house and not familiar with placement, knocked over the lamp. Eventually I got it on and then discovered my bloody nose. I believe my adrenaline covered up the pain. But the real pain was cleaning up the bloody sheets and pillows and trying to explain what happen later! I never told them the truth in fear of no one believing me. It's nice to hear someone else with the same type of "Ghost"!


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