Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

In celebration of my 27 glorious years on this planet I give you permission to honor me in one of the following ways:

  • Watch Finding Nemo

  • Treat yourself to a massage

  • Enjoy gourmet shellfish

  • Buy a pair of novelty Halloween socks

  • Eat a ton of raspberry sticks

  • Refuse to do the dishes or lift a finger at all

  • Blog on your new laptop

Happy Birthday to me!


Groff Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Now I don't feel bad for calling your house so late to leave you a birthday message since I see that you were just blogging. :)

Liz Smith said...

happy birthday!

michelle said...

Hey! Happy B-day from your old friend Michelle Black- but you may remember me as Michelle Douglass from Western Wyoming... :) I found out that you are in the same ward as another old friend Rachel Sullivan? What a small world. How is life treating you? Find me on facebook... or I'll find u. whatever- I want an update. :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


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