Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Trip to St. George

The first week of October we drove to St. George, Utah, to visit my parents. Julie and Aaron happened to be in St. George at the same time making work contacts for Aaron. The weather was very lovely most of the time. We spent a day boating at Sand Hollow Reservoir. We enjoyed tubing and playing on the beach. Later in the afternoon, Julie, Camden, and I went on the tube, but the weather started to turn a bit. We all got soaked with cold water on the tube and Camden hated it. Needless to say it was a short ride. Aaron did a little wake-boarding. Then Justin and Aaron went on the tube and had fun witha wild ride and coordinated a fantastic bail out which sent the tube into the air 30 feet.

We enjoyed two fantastic plays at Tuacahn theater. We saw Les Miserables and Big River. They were both extraordinary and I am so glad we went! It was so worth it. I've seen Les Mis twice before--in Salt Lake and Seattle, both by Broadway companies. This was the first time the rights to Les Mis were released, so it was not a Broadway company at Tuacahn, and it was the best show I've seen. Maybe it was the excellent seats or the cool mountain air, but it was amazing. Big River was so fun too. They actually flooded the stage and made it rain for the Mississippi River ambiance. The actor who played Huck was so energetic, I got tired watching him. He totally seemed like a kid.

We had a good weekend overall. Mom and Dad hitched a ride to Salt Lake with us. Then we drove up through Logan Canyon in an attempt to see some fall colors. It was dusky, but we were able to see some beautiful trees. It was a long drive, but fun.

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Lamont said...

Hey there, this is audrey. I just finished reading your adoption blog and was so moved by it. My prayers are with you as you strive to complete your family. I can not imagine life with out kids. I am on my fourth and final baby. I have really rough pregnancys and can relate in some sense the pain you feel. My fist baby came seven weeks premature and the last two babies have had a difficult start in the world. I sometimes feel inadequate and wonder what else I could do to help these little ones get here. Adoption is near to my heart. My grandmother wrote the handbook for lds adoptions many years ago. What a beautiful process it can be. You will make a wonderful mother with all you have to offer with not only your personality but your many talents. Wow you really are talented. I love your blog and seeing the dedication you and your husband have to each other. You really do not see that on blogs any more. Hope all is well and just wanted to let you know you will be in my families prayers as you prepare for adoption. good luck, audrey


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