Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Hallows Day

Sorry I missed posting last night on Halloween. The creepiest story in the comments came from Liz:

Our friend had served in mission in Chile about 3 years ago. While he was there, one of the missionaries in his district became very interested in Cain. Who knows why, but he became obsessed. He would stay up reading and studying about him. He would try to find books or anything about him to learn more. One night, him and his companion were jolted awake and saw a HUGE dark figure standing at their doorway. They couldnt tell who or what it was; the only thing they knew was that they sensed pure evil. They immediately got out of bed and called their mission president. When the mission president arrived at their apartment he was FURIOUS and completely laid into the missionary that had been studying up on Cain and who had basically opened the door for his evil spirit. He told him that he had invited evil into their lives and that he needed to stop immediately! He then blessed the apartment and ordered any evil spirits to leave.

My sister Stephanie also told me a story over the phone about her husband Jeff's mother. Jeff's father died suddenly in an accident at home. During the days following his death, Jeff's mother experienced horrible disturbances--drawers slamming, doors banging, the phone ringing with no one on the other line. After a couple days of this chaos, the phone started ringing again. Jeff's mom was sure no one would be on the line again but answered the phone anyway. It was their bishop who knew nothing of these strange happenings. He told Jeff's mom that she was in danger of evil spirits and that she needed to gather the children and get out of the house now. He would be by later with other priesthood members to dedicate the house.

Also, read Justin's comment about the disembodied voice recorded at our college theatre. I can vouch for his story. All voices are accounted for when a very close whisper of "Hey" is heard right near the recorder. Very strange.

Well, I hope you all had a good Halloween and may the sugar rush last for days!

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