Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

You were usually behind the camera instead of in front of it. This is the first picture I have of us together. I was 2 months old. You are so beautiful and glamorous. But for the record, those glasses are hideous. Why would you do that to yourself?

Dear Mom,
I'm glad I can call you mine. I'm grateful for the crazy, kooky memories, the wisdom, and love. Ten memories of you:

1. You would take me to reading groups at the library and often to Carsten's Bakery afterward for a brownie. I distinctly remember a particular time holding your hand and walking down the cement ramp to the library entrance wearing dress up high heels. They were clunking and echoing so loudly I thought the librarian would refuse to let me in. It's great you'd let me go out in public like that. I wouldn't have the imagination I do today without you.

2. Once in high school, Dad was out of town and you let me throw a big party. I couldn't even count how many kids were there. You set up the TV outside and a bunch of kids piled onto the tramp to watch a movie. What a cool mom!

3. I remember when you made that darling white and powder blue dress when I was in preschool. I tried it on. I was very upset that it didn't have a little detail like the dress pictured on the pattern (I think it was satin bows or rosebud appliques). You stayed up all night adding that detail for me. I love you for that and I still kick myself for being so ungracious.

4. I remember going fishing at Blacktail right before the high school pageant. You brought my talent competition costume on the boat and sewed it by hand so you could be on the family outing and still get that done. I hope I was more gracious that time.

5. When the creepy man at Arctic Circle slapped my hand and accused me of trying to steal his wallet, you put him in his place. I'd never seen you so fierce!

6. I remember eating lunch with you at Mi Casa and confessing all my tumultous feelings of my first love. I was afraid you'd laugh or play it down like I was too young to know what real love was, but you didn't. You were so cool about it. You told me that young love is very real and very strong. Thanks for that.

7. Once, we were watching the VH1 Video Music Awards and Will Smith was singing his latest hit. You asked me what the name of the song was. I said, "It's called Getting Jiggy With It." And you said, "Don't you mean Gettin' Jiggy Wid It?" like a rapper. It was hilarious.

8. I remember when the neighbor boy Adam destroyed the snow bunny Faye and I made. You went nuts! You chased him all over the neighborhood and demanded he rebuild it. Which he did.

9. One of my very earliest memories - so early that it's quite vague and faded - is of being in the front yard while you planted marigolds.

10. You let me skip school quite a lot. You must've had a hard time letting your baby go, so anytime I wanted to stay home with you, you'd let me.

I love you, Mom. Have a good one.


Whitney said...

I'm crying, I'm lauging, I'm, oh... never mind. Happy Birthday Normandie. What a great mom! And I don't care WHAT you say Lara, those glasses were stylin' back then!;-)

Woods: said...

She sounds fabulous! Happy Birthday to her! My blog background is a complicated process...but I can email you the link with instructions if you'd like! :)

Hays Family said...

In my defense:
What can I say about the glasses? We all wore big ones back then. Those happened to be photo sensitive and eventualy the lenses stayed kind of yellow. Ugh, I hate them as I look at them now.
One thing about the dress making, I really wanted to make everyone happy and tried so hard to please all of you.
Getting fierce was out of character for me but that guy at Arctic Circle really made me angry.
Sorry about the scene with the snow bunny. I went on Prosac shortly after that.
And, yes, It was hard to let my baby go to school. How did I manage to let you go away to college and then get married?
I love you, and thank you for the birthday tribute.

Hays Family said...

Lara, That tribute to your mom was precious. Iam kind of glad that I get to be with her here. She always was the spunky one. Good luck on your family endeavors. love Aunt Marianne.


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