Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring All Who Serve

How do you thank those brave men and women who risk everything for my freedom to grumble about early morning church? For my freedom to read celebrity gossip? For my freedom to enjoy political cartoons lampooning leaders I don't like? For my freedom to choose my own future? For my freedom to make my own fortune? For my freedom to sleep soundly every night?

Thank you just doesn't cut it.

I am proud that my family is full of these brave men and women. I love that I can take pride in my family's patriotism. So to my family members who have set this fine example, thank you. I don't know all the branches of service or all that these people were involved in, but I did my best. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone.

Richard Belcher, Afgahnistan

David Belcher, Army

Heather Belcher, Army

Joshua Belcher, Army, Iraq

Lachlan Belcher, Air Force

Jericho Belcher, Iraq

Clyde Harris

Tom Suggs, National Guard, Iraq

Ray Spencer, Korea

Steven Belcher

David Hays, Army, Korea

David Hays, Jr.

Bradley Hays, National Guard, Desert Storm

Brett Maeger, Air Force, Vietnam

Dennis Belcher, Reserves

I also believe my Grandfather Hays and Greatgrandfather Hays also served.

I looked up some info on Veterans Day and learned that not only is it a day to remember our veterans, but also a day dedicated to world peace, which I think is noble. So, here's to world peace!


JANEAL said...

To answer your question about the caramels.....the longer you microwave the harder they will be. To test how hard they will be when it sets up, drop a blob of caramel in a cup of cold water and then take it out and that is how hard it will be.

David said...

Thank you for this, Laura! I know that this post is over two years old, but I appreciate that you wrote it.


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