Monday, November 3, 2008

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

Did you know...

  • That about 2% of American women place their babies for adoption?

  • That there are 40 million abortions worldwide every year?

  • That there are 3.3 adoption seekers for every adopted baby?

  • That 60% of people in America have a personal connection with adoption?

  • That about 150,000 adoptions take place every year in America?

  • That birthmothers have higher educational aspirations, are more likely to finish school, and less likely to live in poverty and receive public assistance than mothers who keep their children?

  • That birthmothers delay marriage longer are more likely to marry eventually, and are less likely to divorce?
  • That birthmothers are no more likely to suffer negative psychological consequences, such as depression, than are mothers who rear children as single parents?
  • That adopted children score higher than their middle-class counterparts on indicators of school performance, social competency, optimism and volunteerism?
  • That adopted adolescents generally are less depressed than children of single parents and less involved in alcohol abuse, vandalism, group fighting, police trouble, weapon use and theft?
  • That adopted adolescents score higher than children of single parents on self-esteem, confidence in their own judgment, self-directedness, positive view of others and feelings of security within their families?
  • That seven percent of children adopted in infancy repeated a grade, while 12 percent of children living with both biological parents repeated a grade?
  • That compared with the general child population, children placed with adoptive couples are better off economically?
  • That adopted children do better in educational attainment than single parent children and children raised by grandparents?
  • That adopted children enjoy a quality of home environment superior to all the other groups?
  • That adopted children have superior access to health care compared to all other groups?

*These statistics were gathered from and research from an article published in USA Today.


Frederick Family said...

Thanks for posting the information about adoption. It is great to learn more of the statistics and outcomes. Great picture of you and Justin at the top of your blog, you look great in blue.

Maria said...

Wow, those are pretty amazing! Sorry I've been "gone" for so long, I haven't been checking blogs since the first of October. It's fun to be back.
By the way, I like the bangs and yes you do look like a teenager! I don't know if you've ever seen the show according to Jim but I think you look like his wife "Cheryl" in that picture.
And I loved the ghost stories! Right up my alley! I was trying to think of one that I would have written, but I couldn't think of one. I'll be sure to share if I do though!


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