Tuesday, November 4, 2008


First, the warm fuzzies...

I voted today. And I got choked up doing it. Lame? Not at all. I thought of my former boss Walt today. His family fled from Russia with basically their clothes on their back to escape communism. They made it to the Philippines where lived for several years waiting for an American family to sponsor their immigration. (On a side note, Walt was born in China and spend the first four years of his life in the Philippines. He's had an interesting life.) I remember Walt telling me about coming to America and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge all lit up. He told me about the first time his father voted - he came home with tears of joy and gratitude streaming down his face. I have another friend named Jared who was born in South Africa, spent his childhood there, and his family had to flee to New Zealand for their safety when he was a teenager. He is passionate about America and our freedoms and opportunities here. He is married to an American, but has not been able to become a citizen yet. It pains him that he can't vote yet.

So I thought of these two stories as I voted and I admit that I got choked up. I am proud to be an American. I take so many things for granted. It's rare to see the patriotism Walt and Jared have in natural born citizens. I want to change that - starting with me. I really think the first step in this is to be grateful and thankful. And I am grateful that I voted. And it's not lame that I got choked up.

On another tangent...
I never really thought that people outside my family and small circle of friends read my blog. I got some anonymous comments today in response to the adoption statistics I posted yesterday. I am glad to know that my post promoting adoption awareness has done just that. That's what this month is all about. I'm happy that I've made a difference, however small.


Kamie said...

I love, love that we have the opportunity to vote. This country is great!

Liz Smith said...

agreed, you're not lame at all! :)

hey, would you mind emailing me your address...i'm getting my christmas card list together and we'd like to send you guys one. thanks! :)


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