Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November Pictures

I haven't been very good at posting the last few weeks. Just kind of needed a break I guess. Plus I've been way busy. In the middle of November my oldest sister Stephanie came up for a visit. We realized it was the first time one of my sisters had come up just for a fun visit without a purpose like a holiday or on the way north. It was such a great weekend. She brought both of her boys and one of her girls with her. The weather was beautiful and golden - crispy fall weather. We played disc golf at the park, went to the dairy for ice cream, had some fun dinners (including grilling inside which set off all the smoke detectors). The whole weekend was full of perfect, memorable days. Thank you so much for coming up, Steph!

We stayed local for Thanksgiving. We went to my brother's house. This was our fourth or fifth Thanksgiving with Jordan and Cindy. This year was perfect for once. No cooking mishaps or raging tempers. No football games either which is a plus for me! We invited Justin's brother Jon and nephew Haiden since Jon's wife had to work all day. We had a great dinner, we kept to tradition and watched all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes, played wii and watched Elf. Great fun for all. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

Here are some random pictures for the past month or so (although Haiden's birthday was in October as was the company Halloween party).


Liz Smith said...

playing mario kart and watching Elf, sounds like life at our house. :) Happy late Thanksgiving!

Groff Family said...

Looks like fun! Did Justin's parents not make it to Idaho for Thanksgiving afterall?


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