Monday, January 26, 2009


How does more than a dozen needles places all over your body and face sound? Sounds crazy? Well, it is a medical practice/art that is thousands of years old. And there is some substantial "Western" evidence that it works.

My mom saw a program on television about acupuncture and infertility. She sent me some info on it. I was open minded about it and when I was talking to my friend Jamie at work, another girl I work with, Kristen, overheard me and told me she had done acupuncture when she was undergoing IVF and got pregnant with her twins. So I took Kristen's reference and made an appointment.

Justin and I went last Thursday. The acupuncturist, Jerry, is treating me with infrequent acupuncture and daily Chinese herbs. He said Justin would do herbs too. He put fifteen needles total in me, mostly in my legs, four in my arms/hands, and one right between my eyes. And for the record, the needles did not hurt. My left hand began aching a bit and I told Jerry that. He explained that the needle in between my thumb and forefinger is one of the stronger chi points and that's why my hand was aching, because there was so much energy there. That was the only thing that "hurt" about it. I could feel my limbs buzzing. It was so weird. And I had these sensations of rushing cold in my limbs, almost as if my blood had turned to cold water. Again, I was told it was the chi. I had the needles in my for about 30 minutes.

I had only told Jerry about Justin's fertility issues, and he was planning on treating that with just herbs. He wanted to see Justin's tongue (he looked at mine too before the needles) so he could tell what was going on with Justin and what herbs to use. He looked at Justin's tongue for a couple of seconds and said "Do you have kidney problems? Stress and anxiety? Trouble sleeping? Aching in your lower back and knees? Sinus problems?" (for the record, last week Justin had an undiagnosable kidney problem--not even a CT scan at the hospital could detect what was wrong, he has an anxiety disorder he takes medication for, he has sleep apnea, he has constant undiagnosed joint pain especially in his legs and back, and he's had sinus troubles ever since he was a baby). This guy hit the nail on the head. We were both floored. He now wants to treat Justin with acupuncture as well as with the herbs. With so many undiagnosed ailments, Justin's ready to give it a try.

We figured that spending a little money on traditional Chinese medicine is nothing compared to all the money we've thrown at fertility specialists and adoption agencies. What's fifty more bucks? And I don't know how passionate I am about acupuncture, but I do believe that Western medicine lacks something when dealing with the body as a whole. Everything here seems to push pills to treat a symtom. Either pills or surgery to remove whatever the problem is. There has to be something more for total health. I can see that with Justin. He has so many problems and ailments and just isn't a generally healthy person, whereas I am. So we'll give it a shot (or a needle poke!) and see how things turn out.

And I have a question any of my adoption friends - did any of you ever try anything out of the ordinary to get pregnant?


Liz Smith said...

ive always found alternative medicine/treatments to be so interesting. plus you have to think, these people have be doing this for thousands of years, there must be something to it. im anxious to find out if you guys end up feeling a difference. good luck!

Frederick Family said...

We hula-hooped after "the act" to get the twins. Ha ha. Just kidding. All I did was wash our underwear together and we got pregnant.

Groff Family said...

I've never had acupuncture but it does sound interesting. Hope it helps you and Justin conceive. That is impressive about Justin's diagnosis and maybe this will be a big help to his medical health problems. Love , MOM (I forgot I was on Julie's Blog)

Maria said...

I like Steph's answer, atleast I think it's Steph! :) Hey, maybe she's not that far off, Sean and Janae wrestled naked and got pregnant with twins! No, I have to say I'm a believer in alternative medicine. I haven't heard much about it's use with fertility, but I've seen it work wonders with cancer and all sorts of stuff. You're a brave soul though, pain or no pain I couldn't do the needles! They are my worst fear by far! I too am anxious to see if you guys notice a difference.
By the way, I was playing catch up and reading through your blog and I can't believe what happened to Justin! It sounds so unreal I wanted to believe it was a joke! I'll try to keep my mouth shut if that ever happens to me but you know darn well the odds of that! And your trip looked amazing! I love the picture of you in that sun dress with your hair wind-tossed standing in front of those famous peaks. I thought you looked great. Sorry for the epistle, it's just been awhile! :)

Groff Family said...

I love that you're doing acupuncture. I'm thinking about doing it to induce labor. Wouldn't that be a trip?! I hope it works for you!


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