Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ah, Manhood

Justin says he feels like he's finally a man....

His car was really starting to give out after the accident with the guardrail. We didn't mean to buy a truck this big, but somehow it happened. It was a really good deal (I negotiated the dealership down more than three grand) plus it will tow our trailer.

I don't know trucks so hopefully I get this right. It's a 1999 GMC S-something. It's 3/4 ton. Short bed. It has the backseat and a third door. It has a towing equalizer thingy that means we tow from the frame instead of the bumper (see, I don't know truck lingo but I can grasp the concepts!), it has 4 wheel drive, auto everything. Basically it's a nice truck.

1 comment:

Hays Family said...

Wow, that looks like a super truck. Your dad thinks he'd like to trade his 1/2 ton for your 3/4 ton. Are you in for it? Happy camping to you. You are real Idahoans with a pickup and 2 dogs. Life is good!


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