Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

I watched the inauguration online at work. Despite my personal political opinions, I couldn't help but feel excited at this momentous occasion and hopeful for our future. I think one of the best things about Obama leading the U.S. is that he has the support of the people. With so much support from Americans, perhaps we can all be more unified. And with support from so many other countries from around the world, perhaps America will be better at making friends than enemies. So good luck, Mr. President, and godspeed.

And thanks to President Bush for his service and leadership. He certainly has a sense of candor and humanity about him. It's probably a combination of his cowboy heritage, his verbal flubs, and his roguish good looks. He had a very eventful and rough presidency. From the California energy crisis that occurred right after he took office to 9-11 and a host of other problems, it has been a tumultous eight years. None of us citizens really know all the stories and have the intel that he had making the decisions he did, and I don't feel I can pass judgment on his leadership. I do feel like he's a genuine person, though, and I believe it when he says history will shed a kinder light on his actions. I always thought Laura was such a classy First Lady. I'll miss her style.

But I am looking forward to this youthful, energy the Obamas bring with them. Maybe it's because of adorable Malia and Sasha. America now has its princesses. I'm already in love with them.

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Hays Family said...

Everyone has a lot of hope and I like you also hope with more popular support this president can accomplish good things for our country. I'm still an advocate of smaller government and am afraid all of this hope and cooperation will end up tightening government bands and lessening our freedoms. But it is nice to see the bright and shiny faces in the whitehouse.


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