Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photoshop Fun

I have been reading/watching Photoshop tutorials and I had some fun playing around.

I airbrushed my skin here. Nice! I won't ever have another picture not airbrushed!

Put Julie against a different background and played with the lighting.

Same thing. Different background and put a vignette around the subject.

This one is airbrushed and has some filters to give it that amazing glow.


Maria said...

Wow! Don't let Mir see these! She'll be pounding down your door to do all her photo editing for her! Shhh... don't tell, I know she has photo shopped peoples love handles and other blemishes without telling them! :)

Hays Family said...

Wow Lara, you are amazing. I took the pictures as best I could but you have really improved them and made them really professional looking.


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