Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shake the Sugar Tree

My friend Jamie wanted to know what song I would sing if I ever were to audition for American Idol.

This is it.

I've always loved this song. And I sing it with less twang. Simon would love it.


natsprat said...

Ha ha ha, I can TOTALLY picture you singing that! :) You'd be awesome!!!

And I DO remember him! Oh my gosh, I totally had a crush on him! HAHAHAHA!!!

Jamie Boyd said...

If I saw you sing this, I would think to myself, "I hate it when people sing songs I've never heard." But I would be happy for you anyway. Simon is mean, but I bet he would love you anyway. You should take Justin with you, dressed up in his Superman costume. Everyone knows you need a gimmick to get in front of the judges, and I'm pretty sure his muscle suit and cape would do the trick.


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