Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Basketball Game Ever

Back in February, Justin and I went to Salt Lake for a fun visit with my sister Stephanie. We stayed up way late talking into the wee hours every night. We watched the twins play a basketball game. We went to a very fun swimming pool/park. And The adults went on a double date to delicious Market Street Grill and Desert Star Theater to the show "Home School Musical." It was a very fun weekend.

The boys were very funny about their basketball game. When Mason found out that Justin and I were coming to watch, he told his dad he would try extra hard to make a basket. Well, he got his wish! Jonah and Mason BOTH scored baskets. In fact, they were the first two baskets scored by their team, and their team had a total of 3 baskets. So the Frederick brothers are truly the team's MVPs. They are very good players. They always kept on their guy from the other team and knew how to block. They were really good about switching from defense to offense and getting open. And obviously, they were great at scoring points! Here are some pictures from the game.

Mason is #15 and Jonah is #13.

Mason checks his options before a flawless pass.

Jonah steals the ball from the other team.

Mason passes the ball to Jonah.

Before leaving Sunday we took a drive and saw the new Draper Temple and the new Oqquirrh Mountain Temple

Draper Utah Temple

Oqquirrh Mountain Temple


Maria said...

Okay, I'm ticked, my comment just got erased and as you know, i don't leave short comments! Basically I said I live right by the Oqquirrh Mountain Temple - you were right by my house! and that we love Market Street, especially the one by the U because it is in an old fire station. The pictures of the twins and Afton are so cute, you're going to be a great mom!
P.S. What the heck is the kid in the background doing? (the 1st picture of the twins) His hand is down his pants! Ha Ha Ha too funny! :)

Frederick Family said...

You are a great sports writer. You're hired. Those are some handsome nephews you have. What a cute picture of Afton and her fishy sandwich. All the kids are lucky to have such a fun Aunt and Uncle.

Liz Smith said...

The new draper temple looks awesome. i love seeing all these new temples going up. thanks for the pics. :)


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