Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quiz Time!

Hello friends.
Look to the right and you'll see a bunch of polls. I need your answers to become the bestest mom ever!


Maria said...

Okay, so you know me, I have to elaborate on everything. It made me feel good that I voted the same as everyone else on most of the questions! :) So, I voted "No" on the baby wise thing, I have NEVER seen good results. I never used it because I saw way too many die hard believers who swore by it but their kids were the most un-flexible kids I have met. Mir did it with Livy, and she couldn't sleep anywhere else for forever and it took her a long time to adjust to the surprises of "life" and it only stressed Mir out. My personal belief is that babies know what they need and each one has their own personality, schedule, and needs. Anyway, enough of that! Then, I'd say do both a crib and a pack n' play. (some of the best $ we spent on our babies!) It made it possible to play games late at friends, go camping, garden, babysit, travel, you name it. Logan is 2 1/2 and we still use that thing like crazy! Plus I use it in my room for the first 6 weeks that the baby is home anyways. (I think you already have a bassenet for that though. We didn't even get ours till Rachel was maybe 6 months old, we finally cracked down and spent the money after we were constantly borrowing everyone else's! Sorry for the novel!

Liz Smith said...

you're going to be a great mom, i can totally tell. you'll make all the right decisions, im sure of it. just follow your instincts. cant wait till we see the news that you have your little one. lots of luck!


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