Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wearing Camisoles in the Rain

Time for some more upbeat stuff. First, we're refinancing our house. Yay! 2.25% lower than what we're out now. So that's cool. The paperwork sucks though. I'm procrastinating right now.

And here's my funny story. I love my husband (duh!). He is just so much fun. He is pretty fashion savvy (when he wants ot be).

The other day we were making dinner in the kitchen and he said out of the blue--and very proudly--"I'm wearing my camisole today."

Before I could ask, he corrected himself. "No, wait. What is this?" He pointed to his sweater.

"Cashmere," I told him.

"Yeah, cashmere. A camisole is an umbrella."

I returned an incredulous stare.

"Nevermind. That's a parasol. I don't wear camisoles."


Kam-a-lam said...

Ha ha ha! That is a funny story!! :)

We are trying to refinance our house at the moment too! Our interest will drop 5+ Percent. :P I KNOW! Don't ask me where we got our last loan. Grrr...

Frederick Family said...

What color of camisoles does Justin need?? His birthday is coming up and I could get some for him... does he want a parasol too????


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