Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Pictures

Better late than never - and a post that's not about Josie. :) As a last minute decision, Justin and I went to Salt Lake for Easter weekend. My sister Julie was going to be there and it was a chance for us to meet her new daughter Audrey. And Brad was going to be there with his kids. And Jordan and Cindy decided they might as well trek down too, so all the Hays kids were there.

We had a blast dying eggs but it started to rain which ruined our plans for an egg hunt. Since it was Saturday and since Stephanie is the primary president in her ward and had access to the church building, we arranged for the Easter bunny to hide the eggs and baskets around the church. While the Easter bunny was doing this, Julie took me to Babies R Us to register. We had a lot of fun.

The kids loved their hunt. It was so fun to have it at the church. Then Stephanie turned on the microphone in the primary room and we took turns singing songs and telling jokes. It was a lot of fun. Mom and Dad Hays requested that we get a picture of the grandkids because they were all in the same place. We did our best, but Camden sure didn't want to cooperate, so he's crying in all the pictures and the other kids are staring at him.

Enjoy the pictures.


Maria said...

What a great family you have! You gotta love all those crazy things you do together. Your parents have some really cute grandkids - but shhhhh...don't tell, I think yours is the cutest! :) Who are the people in the last photos on the slide show? I thought I recognized them, but nope, can't figure it out.

Meagan Spaulding said...

Now you'll all have to get together so you can get a new picture with your baby girl and the cousins!


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