Saturday, April 25, 2009


Everything she does is just so stinking cute. Every moment I count my blessings.


natsprat said...

Oh my gosh, Laura!!! I guess it's been a while since I checked your blog. I totally started crying when I got to your blog and saw the baby pictures, I can't even tell you how incredibly happy and overjoyed I am for you!!! Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations, she is absolutely beautiful! She is soooo blessed to have you as parents, I can't wait to see all the fun times you'll have ahead as she grows up. I know with you as her mom it will be so much fun!!! :D

Maria said...

Hey, hiccups are a good thing! It develops their lungs - at least that's what I keep telling myself, this baby in me has hiccups all night long now - it keeps me awake!
I talked to Mir and she said that your photo shoot was one of the neatest she has ever done. She said there was such a sweat spirit and that she had to keep from tearing up! She also said that she has never seen a dad be as sweet as Justin. So when are you coming down to SLC? I'm trying to make a trip to IF before this baby comes, hopefully sometime in May, I'll make sure to pay you a visit!

Beckie said...

Lara, she is soo precious- I found your blog off Amy Browers-- I love to see what others are up to--! Enjoy how precious and sweet she is!

Beckie (Purcell)


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