Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lara & Justin meet their baby girl!

Lara asked me, (Julie, her sister) to update her blog for her while she is away from her computer. Lara and Justin got to meet the baby today at the hospital. She said that the baby is just beautiful with heart shaped lips, bluish eyes, and just a little fuzz on her head. They bathed the baby for the first time and also meet the birth mom. Lara said that birth mom is really sweet and seems in great spirits. All of the birth mom's family was there, so it was a little chaotic, but Lara and Justin will go back again this evening to have more personal time with the baby and the birth mom.

There will be pictures to come later on when Lara can get to her computer. I know, I know, we are all dying to see what this little angel looks like!


Hays Family said...

My heart is in my throat. Give that wonderful birthmom a big hug from grandma Hays.

Anonymous said...

You two are both blessed and this little angel is living proof. Great things happen to those who pray hard enough to make it all come true. By the way Justin, either you need to cut your hair shorter or start wearing it down and not upward. You have a hairline like your mother and grandfather. Mom/Grandma


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