Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Interview You've Been Waiting For

Zierke ‘Zine Report: I’ve heard your news and I’m very excited for you.
Lara Zierke: Thanks. I am SO excited. I find myself doing little happy dances. I can’t focus on anything. I have all this pent up energy. It’s like I have A.D.D.
ZZR: I can see that you’re glowing.
LZ: See, you don’t have to be pregnant to have “the glow.”
ZZR: So, you’ve heard that you’re going to be a mom. What happens next?
LZ: Just wait for the baby to come.
ZZR: And the due date is May 8?
LZ: Yes, but we think she’ll be here in April. The mother has delivered about two weeks early with her other children, so May 8 minus two weeks is April 24. And she’s had a c-section before, so when she goes to the doctor next week they’ll probably schedule a c-section before that.
ZZR: So you’re looking at two to three weeks.
LZ: Yeah. Crazy.
ZZR: Looks like you're keeping busy though. Is that a diaper bag?

LZ: Yeah. Two actually. We bought them today.
ZZR: And they're already packed.
LZ: Well, I did it during Conference. Nipples are boiled, bottles are scrubbed, outfits and blankets are washed. I think we're ready to go.
ZZR: Guess you have to do something with all your enthusiasm. What's Justin doing over there so intensely?
LZ: He's dealing with his enthusiasm. Years ago he wrote a lullaby for his future daughter. He's orchestrating it now.
ZZR: How sweet.
LZ: Can't deny that.

ZZR: Back to the interview. You said the mother has had other children. What else do you know about the mother and the father?
LZ: The parents are married and they’re unable to keep this child. They have other children. It’s a rough situation. We know that the mom is short like me and has blonde hair and blue eyes. And the dad has brown hair.
ZZR: Do you know how the family came to choose you and Justin?
LZ: All we know is that they came to the agency on a weekend when it was closed. But it just so happened that the director was there to pick something up, so she was able to talk to them and help them. They went through every single parent profile. And when they came back, they had ours memorized. They refuse to even pick a back-up family.
ZZR: I heard a rumor that you had two babies to choose from?
LZ: Well, sort of. We are listed with several agencies. A different agency was in the process of matching us with a birth mom. Then we found out about this case. It was actually on April Fool’s Day so it was hard to believe. The ball was in our court for once, and we were able to choose which situation we wanted to pursue.
LZ: Wow. That’s not really common, is it?
ZZR: I don’t think so. We were really blessed to be able to select which situation fit us better.
LZ: Was it a hard decision?
ZZR: At first we were dumfounded but we prayed for guidance and went our separate ways. Within a few hours, Justin and I had both came to the same decision rather easily. We feel good about it.
ZZR: Will you have an open adoption?
LZ: Yes. We’ll meet the parents at the hospital. And we’ll send letters and pictures.
ZZR: Um, awkward question, and maybe I’ve seen too many movies, but what happens if the mom changes her mind in a couple years?
LZ: You have seen too many movies. Once the adoption papers are signed, they’ve relinquished their rights as parents.
ZZR: When do you take the baby home?
LZ: As soon as the papers are signed and the hospital releases her.
ZZR: When do you sign the papers?
LZ: Well, Idaho law says the earliest the papers can be signed is 48 hours after birth. Since the mom is having a c-section and will be under anesthesia, they’ll probably wait a little bit longer.
ZZR: Can the parents change their minds now? What if they don’t sign?
LZ: That is something we worry about constantly. We are painfully aware that this ain’t over ‘til the ink is dry. They can change their mind and choose to parent any time before they sign the papers.
ZZR: You’re planning on being sealed to the baby in the LDS temple. When will that happen?
LZ: We have to wait until the adoption is finalized first. And that happens six months after placement.
ZZR: Wait…I don’t get it. So the parents relinquish their rights in the hospital and the adoption isn’t finalized for six months. What’s going on during those six months?
LZ: Basically, the caseworkers check on us a couple times to make sure we’re all bonding okay and that our home is safe and good. No Chinese water torture or anything.
ZZR: And after finalization, they leave you alone?
LZ: Yep.
ZZR: Another question that's been buzzing around lately. Baby showers. Having any?
LZ: My work friends are already planning one. My sister will host one in Salt Lake. We'll wait until after we have the baby though.
ZZR: Makes sense. Hey, do you mind if I take a sneak peak inside your bag?
LZ: Go for it. I'm weirdly proud of it.
LZ: Here's her going home outfit. It's a premie size.

LZ: But we have other things too. Comfier things. Bigger things. If she's huge and can't fit into the premie outfit, we'll put her in the blue one.
ZZR: I never knew it was so important to have all these plans for the going home outfit.
LZ: Me either. But it hit me today. And it's very important.
LZ: And this green one is in case she comes out a boy.
ZZR: You're all kinds of prepared.
LZ: It happens, you know.

ZZR: Have you thought of any names yet?
LZ: Yes.
ZZR: That’s a little evasive.
LZ: That’s what you get for asking a yes or no question.
ZZR: Touché. What names have you thought of?
LZ: We are keeping our options open.
ZZR: That’s a little vague. Can you do any better than that?
LZ: I could, but I won’t. We’ve already been in a situation where we tell people a name and they hate it and make us feel bad for liking it. So, we’re keeping our thoughts quiet. Plus, we’ll want to meet her first before deciding on a moniker.
ZZR: This is for posterity’s sake. Your daughter will want to know what names you considered.
LZ: That’s true.
ZZR: I promise I won’t make fun.
LZ: Oh, all right. We’ve always like London. Jocelyn has been in my mind a lot lately. Josie or Jo for short. Maybe Danielle. Anya, Scarlet, Noel, and Maya are some others on the plate. Something feminine but not too trendy.
ZZR: Might I suggest a name?
LZ: Sure. I love suggestions.
ZZR: Grier.
LZ: You’ve spoken to my mother, haven’t you? This interview is over.
ZZR: Where are you going? Lara? Lara?


Jamie Boyd said...

Always so creative... love the clothes.

Liz Smith said...

i love all the outfits you've chosen as well as the names you like. i hope everything with the adoption goes smoothly. this is so exciting! :)

Hays Family said...

Wow you are so prepared. I guess that happens when you've waited to long and are very excited. The spelling I'm familiar with is "Greer" but the way you spelled it is nice too. Cute interview, I do hope it all goes perfectly as planned. Love you

Maria said...

Ha Ha Ha - I love the picture of the inside of your bag, enjoy it, it won't look like that two seconds after you have your baby in your arms, and it will never look like that again - so it's a good thing you got a picture! I love the outfits! OHhhh, I'm so anxious for you, and I will keep you in my prayers, as usual. Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Kristen Mackrory said...

So fun to read all about it. Congratulations again. We are so happy for you!


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