Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Ladybugs

Ever since my child development class my freshman year of college, I knew I wanted a nursery with strong contrast colors (red, black, and white) because that's really all a new baby can see for the first little while. And these contrast colors stimulate brain development. But, what nursery stuff comes in red, black, and white? I didn't want some weird, neo-modern geometric scary nursery. I thought about Mickey/Minnie Mouse. They're black with red clothing. But when it comes to nursery stuff, they're always dressed in muted pastels on muted pastel backgrounds. And finally, yesterday, I had an epiphany for a theme (it definitely helps that she's a girl)--ladybugs! And on eBay I got this brand-new set for a steal today. And since Justin still isn't really working, he'll slave away in the nursery stripping the current wallpaper and painting and getting it all ready.


Liz Smith said...

i love it!!! it's beautiful, great idea!!!

Jamie Boyd said...

Love this! If I ever have a girl, I'm copying it, but I'll probably be in Omaha by then so it won't matter anyway. I also decided I love the name Maya.

Maria said...

I love it! I always wanted Rachel's room to be ladybugs but I waited too long and she got old enough to have an opinion! :) Now it's all pink she thinks about. It makes it even cuter that you got a great deal on it! Can't wait to see the finished room!

The Gotch Family said...

Yeah...I am so excited for you. I seriously can not wait for you to be a mom. I think you are the last member of my "reproductively challenged" support group, so I can wait to absolve that team. Bedding is so cute.

Rachel and Robert said...

First of all, Congratulations! We are super excited for you guys! We hope everything works out! Second, I love the ladybugs! So CUTE! Please keep us posted on how everything's going!


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