Monday, April 20, 2009

One More Day

Well, we aren't going to take the baby home today. We heard this morning that the doctors won't release the birth mom just yet. When she got her epidural, the anesthesiologist had a hard time and poked her about three times. Now she is having excruciating headaches and the doctors are worried they are spinal headaches related to the epidural. She is also having issues going to the bathroom. So if they determine that the headaches are caused by the epidural, then they are going to do a "patch" in her spine where they inject blood into the previous injection sites in her spine which should prevent the spinal fluid from draining into the spinal column. They are also making her drink tons of liquid to get her hydrated and going to the bathroom.

We were over at the hospital this morning with birth mom and dad. Birth mom is frustrated and ready to go home. Understandable, since she's been in the hospital for almost a week now (she had pnemonea last week). We got to spend several hours with them and with the baby. I had my first "mommy moment". I'd fed the baby and knew she needed a diaper change. I waited ten or fifteen minutes to make sure it was all out. Then I started changing her and she decided she wasn't done. So I got pooped on everywhere. Justin thinks it is hilarious. Me?...Not so much. :) I am anxious to come home, but happy that birth mom can have one more day.


Maria said...

That's kinda scary for the birth mom! I know it would freak me out!
Love the poop story, can't wait to hear that she spits up in Justin's mouth - it happens to every dad! Good luck tomorrow!

Hays Family said...

I love this message I read recently:

Slowly, starting now, a thousand stars in the sky will become clearer, a thousand notes in your heart will blend into song, and all the love you have ever given will be returned to you a thousand times better by your baby girl.

This truly is how you must feel right now. Love, MOM Hays

Meagan Spaulding said...

No name yet? I hope you don't keep us waiting too long! :)


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