Friday, April 17, 2009

She's Here!

Our baby decided to come early and she's officially on planet earth. The mother started having contractions yesterday and since she has had a previous c-section, the doctor thought it would be best to go ahead and get the baby out. So even though we were planning on April 28th, it was so fun to get that call today from our dear case worker Claire that said, "Your daughter is being born right now!"

We have been seriously freaking out ALL EVENING. We got the call at about 5:30 and the baby was born sometime between 6:00 and 6:30. She weighs 6 lbs 9 oz, which is GREAT since she is three and a half weeks early. They said she had a little trouble breathing, but nothing major. Just the standard stuff for an early baby. We're staying here tonight and we will leave for Boise EARLY EARLY EARLY. The mom is doing well and is excited to meet us. She was asking how soon we could be there. Believe me I am so tempted to jump in the car TONIGHT, but I will wait.

Also, here is what the nursery looks like at this very moment. Justin started painting it today. Can I say again that I am not ready? I am FREAKING OUT but in such a GOOD WAY!!!!! We need a name. I hope that when we see her, the heavens will open and shine a ray of light on her and we'll just know. Does that ever happen?

We'll keep you posted!


Maria said...

I seriously want to jump up and down on my bed right now!!! I'm am sooooo excited!!!! Don't worry about the nursery, I'm sure it's going to be awhile before you will be able to let her sleep without being right beside you! Oh, I don't think there'll ever be a more loved baby than this little girl who has been anxiously awaited for so long!!! I think you're way more ready than you think, that is if you can ever be ready for a baby! And, I still think Maria is a great name! j/k Good luck with that, I believe naming a baby is the hardest thing, but hopefully you'll just know. Drive safely and try not to speed too bad! I'll be anxiously awaiting pictures!!! Love you!!!
(just think, your little angel probably was playing with mine up in heaven - just like we used to right?) :)

Cindy said...

Lara we are so so so excited. You guys are going to make great parents. We can't wait to see the new baby.

Woods: said...

That is fantastic! Congrats! Maria is can never be ready for a baby but you will be great! Definitely don't worry about the nursery...I've never had a nursery! All she needs is love and food and she'll be happy! Can't wait for the pictures!

The Garns said...

AHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! SOOO happy for you!!!

Meagan Spaulding said...

HOLY SMOKES! I'm SOOOO EXCITED! I can't wait to see the pictures and find out her name! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Jared Smith said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy for you both! we cannot wait to see pictures! :) :) :) :)

Liz Smith said...

p.s. i loved all the names you were thinking of, btw. im sure you guys will pick out a good one. and the nursery will come together and it will be beautiful.

(apparently i didnt realize i was posting as jared during my previous comment, he left his google acct. open. sorry about that)


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