Monday, April 6, 2009

Too Shocked for Words

I am so angry with USA and House!


Maria said...

Mmmmmmm.. can I say "eye candy"? Unfortunately I have gotten behind on "House" - it was my all-time favorite show, so I don't have a clue what you are talking about! Oh-well, he's a hottie anyways!

Meagan Spaulding said...

Why? No link to go to?

Jamie Boyd said...

Oh TAMNer, it will be okay. It's not real. It's just TV.

Maria said...

The "it" thing is all because it drives so many people crazy that I can call a baby "it"! Although I do think I might have seen something today, which makes me kinda mad because the dr knew we don't want to know and I told him to have us turn away if he got too close, and he never did - I think he just assumed we can't tell what we're looking at on an ultrasound unless someone tells us. Oh well. There still is the idea that maybe it was just the umbilical cord! Did you get my last comment? It was stupid I know, but he is hot!


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