Friday, May 29, 2009

Aloha Countdown

We are going to Hawaii in less than a month. I long for it. I long for the island music, the PERFECT climate, the happy people, the sweet smell of its air, the gorgeous landscapes, the peaceful feeling... I would so live there. I keep telling Justin he needs to get a teaching position at BYU-Hawaii of U of H or something. :) Maybe get his PhD there. :P No matter how many times I've been, I still get excited to go. This will be the third time for Justin and me together. And probably my tenth time.

Lest you think we are snooty, for the past six years, my parents have gone every summer to do service missions with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at BYU Hawaii. We stay with them and carpool and all that, so it makes it affordable and more real than just a dream vacation. Oh, I love Hawaii.

Here's how I am getting ready:
Saving our pennies (as much as possible between diapers and urges to buy island wear)
Diet!!!! (I've done low carbs low sugars for a week and I'm down 5 lbs. Yay!)
Tan! (Now that I am home, I go lay out every day. I know about skin cancer, I do. And as a rule I don't care about tanning, and I don't ever make an effort. This is an exception. And if you can't tone it - tan it!)
Already planning my island wardrobe! (and Joci's too!)

I am looking forward to
Hawaiian Shaved Ice
Giovanni's Shrimp truck
Turtle Beach
A good luau
The Horizons show at the PCC
Plumeria leis
Kua'aina burgers
The ocean!
Seeing my mom and dad

So, any tips on traveling halfway around the world with a 2 month old?


Liz Smith said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! im soooo jealous! we've never been to hawaii, it's on list of places we want to go that's for sure. can't wait to see pictures! have fun!! :D

Mom on the Go said...

You don't need any tips with your baby....she's too perfect and never cries! I wish I could stow away in a suitcase and come with you. Have fun!

Warren Baldwin said...

Hello! Justin, hope this doesn't surprise you too much! You have a great family! I keep up a little from your mom; she sent me your website. Hope all is well with you. And, in case you are wondering, my kids are pretty well grown. Wes is out of college, Jenny a junior and Kristin a junior in high school. wb

Groff Family said... flexible! Babies have their own timing for everything. It takes twice as long to anything, so just don't worry about anything and be flexible. Keep in mind that you will have a 4 hour time change to contend with. That was our most difficult thing when we went with Camden at 6 months old. It was much harder for him to adjust to the time than it was for us. And that's okay. Don't let mom shove you out the door at 7 a.m. so that you can do everything. Be lazy and do what Joci needs. Mom has wonderful intentions and hates to see anyone wasting time on their vacation, but if you need to sleep in, or take it easy, or whatever, then do it! (Love you mom!) Good luck! By the way, what dates are you going? Just in case we want to go to, we need to figure out when there will be room at the parents.


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