Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Josie vs. Joci

So, we always assumed that we would spell Jocelyn's nickname "Josie." But at my baby shower last week, a friend addressed a card to her and spelled it "Joci" which is a cute way to spell it. And now we're debating spellings...

Pros and cons of "Josie"

  • More traditional spelling
  • People will know how to say it
  • People will know how to spell it
  • She might be able to find mugs, keychains, whatever with her name on them. It will probably be hard to find things with the name "Jocelyn" on it, but she'll probably find some "Josie" stuff.
  • People might not think "Josie" is short for "Jocelyn". They'll assume it's her full name or that it is short for Josephine or something.
  • I had a great aunt named Josie
  • We've already been spelling it this way

Pros and cons of "Joci"

  • Unique spelling
  • Easier tell it is derived from Jocelyn. Might make more sense.
  • People may not know how to say it
  • People will probably try and spell it "Josie".
  • Not many other people with this spelling. More special and "rare"
  • Also, won't find pre-printed name stuff
So what do you think? I have a name with a rare spelling. I absolutely love it, but it's been a constant battle to get people to spell it and pronounce it right. People think it is said "Laira" or "Lora". And I could never get any pre-printed name stuff when everyone else in my family could and I always felt a little sad. In fact, I still always check the keychains, magnets, placemats, whatever, but I have yet to find a pre-printed "Lara". So, what's your take on the matter? Leave me a comment. There's also a poll on the side.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who spells it Joce...just a thought.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is Kylie, which is pretty common and when we went on vacation a few months ago there was not a single magnet/trinket/souvenier that had her name. I wouldn't let that be a determining factor. Even Josie is pretty unique so I don't know if you'd find that name on items either.

I'm kind of partial to the spelling of Joci (super cute), but the first thing that comes to my mind is saying it phonetically like J-ah-see with the O sounding like the O in Olivia. If that makes sense. So she could be in for a lifetime of having to correct people the right way to say it.

Boyds said...

I love Joci, absolutely love it. My mom always complains about people that don't use the "traditional" spelling, but I love the non-traditional, cute spelling. For boys, you should go with the simplest, most common spelling. But just picture in junior high when she's writing love notes to her boyfriend and she can sign her name "Joci" with a curvey little 'c' and a cute heart to dot the 'i'.

Anonymous said...

You need to look at her and decide what fits. They are both great, so whatever works - works.... My two cents is for something a little different and I do love the Joci spelling and it is/looks like it could be a popular name in high school.


Jamie Boyd said...

I hate to be a complainer, but every morning when I come to work, I check to see if there are new pictures/updates about Joci (yup, already using that spelling! too bad!). It's been over a week and still no new updates. I remember maternity leave. Don't you just take naps and sit around all day and watch Judge Judy re-runs? Couldn't you take the time to post a new picture or at least a most-recent-poop-description?

Miranda said...

I love the Joci version, but at first I said it JAWSEE. I am probably just retarded. I love unique names.Holy cow I am glad your hubby is o.k. Your truck looked pretty messed up.

natsprat said...

Wow, that is a toughie!!! We had the same problem with Kate or Katelyn.

Looks like a lot has been going on in your life! I love her newborn pictures, they are ADORABLE!!! She is such a beauty, I am sooooo incredibly happy for you guys! Happy Mother's Day, you deserve it more than anyone I know!

Groff Family said...

Okay, here's my two cents. Either spelling is fine and cute. Her birth certificate isn't inked with either nick-name, so it doesn't matter how the knick-knacks are spelled, she can go either way since it is just a nick name. One weeky you could spell it one way, and the next week another. Or, just let her choose shen she is older, like at least 2. Who knows, maybe by the time she is 13 she will decid that she wants to be called Rose anyway.

This is coming from the person who still wonders if she should have named her baby Kensington, and if I should call my baby Livvie since Olivia is her middle name and I love it so much. So I wouldn't put much weight into what I say/ :)


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