Sunday, May 31, 2009

Livid About Lilacs

I have a grudge that I need to get over. I have always loved lilacs. Three years ago when we bought our home, I was thrilled to see we had 3 lilac bushes/trees in our front yard. They are on our property line which borders our next door neighbors' driveway. We bought our house in April and within a month we had beautiful lilacs in bloom and I brought in fresh cut flowers every day. I read everything I needed to know about lilacs. There are two theories for pruning them - one supports pruning in the fall one supports a spring pruning. I agree more with the fall pruning theory, so that fall I did my pruning. All ready for blooms next spring!

Well, one day the next spring (early spring) I came home from work and my bushes had been hacked to a couple measley twigs sticking out of the ground. My neighbors had taken the liberty of "pruning" MY bushes! They were getting ready to sell their home and I guess they decided it was a good idea. I was so mad. Justin was too. We never said anything to them because they were moving. We didn't get a single lilac blossom that spring. Ugh!!

The next spring (last year) the bushes were still recovering. Not a single bloom.

This year, we finally have a few blooms. Finally! I dare not even cut them and enjoy them inside though, because there are so few.

So for the past three years, every time I see my lilac bushes, I get angry. Every time I see other people's gorgeous, fully purple bushes, I get angry. Justin has told me he's sick of me complaining every time I pass a lilac bush. I need to get over it. And seriously, people have "wronged" me much more greviously that overtrimming my bushes that are growing back and I have moved on. I am not a grudge holder. I am quite generous with my forgiveness. Why does this bother me so much? I hope that writing it here will be therapeutic and I can make peace with my long gone neighbors who butchered my bushes.


Liz Smith said...

it's okay...i feel your rant...neighbors can sometimes be so unbelievably clueless and inconsiderate. hopefully your lilacs will come back in full force soon. we love them here too...we have a bush right outside our bedroom window so our room always smells of lilacs when they bloom. :)

Groff Family said...

Sometimes it's hard to get over something if you get constant reminders of it all the time. I'm glad to hear that the bushes are blooming this year and now you'll really have something to look forward to for next year. Of course, by then you'll be living in Tucson and you'll never see another lilac bush. Guess you'll have to settle for bouganvilla. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Aaron had a dream about you guys being our next door neighbors down here.


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