Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day and Graduation

Yesterday Justin marched at his commencement ceremony for graduating with his Masters Degree in Counseling last December. We had a lot of family support: Justin's parents, Justin's brother and his family, my parents, my sister Stephanie and her family, and Cindy and Afton all came. It was a tremendous occassion and we partied hard. I surprised Justin with an electric guitar that family and friends had all pitched in for.

Justin with his parents and daughter.

Lara, Justin, and Jocelyn

Look at that grin! Cousin Jessica was so happy to hold Jocelyn.

Jeff, Jonah, and Mason


Jessica, Stephanie, Jocelyn, and Justin

Justin's cake

Justin's guitar. What a surprise!

Jordan and Justin rockin' out.

Justin's mother Connie crocheted the beautiful dress Josie is wearing.

Afton wanted Grandma Hays to treat her like a baby. Must be all the attention Josie is getting!

Today was my first Mother's Day as a mother. It was definitely special. We took Jocelyn to church for the first time today. We just went to sacrament meeting. Justin and I took turns holding our darling daughter, and I couldn't help but weep during a reading of Love You Forever. It felt so good to enjoy Mother's Day. There have been years of anguish sitting through church on this day. Years of sneaking out early to avoid the giving of flowers to all the mothers and them trying to give me a flower too even though I wasn't a mother. Today, I enjoy my zinnia with pride!

Things have been chaotic with all our visitors and just our new chaotic life, so Justin had not yet had a chance to do any Mother's Day shopping for me. I told him not to worry about it, he could figure it out the next day. It didn't really bother me. But it bothered Justin. He really wanted to do something for me and wanted to go to the store. I asked if I could come with him because I need a tail light for my car and I thought I might pick up flowers for our mothers. But Justin said I really couldn't come with him. So he took off from church. He would go to the store while I fed and dressed Josie. Then we were going to go to Pocatello to visit Justin's family for a few hours.

I had been home for maybe 20 minutes when I got a call. It was a police officer. I don't like getting calls from police officers. He called to tell me that Justin had been in an accident. He was okay but his truck had rolled and I needed to come get him. The ambulance EMTs had checked him out and discharged him, but he still needed to see a doctor. So my dad drove me to the site of the accident. Justin had hit some soft dirt on the shoulder and overcorrected and rolled his truck. He barely clipped a telephone poll and took out a street sign and a mail box. Judging by the distance, we think the truck rolled twice. His truck was all crumpled up and his window shattered. Justin was able to walk away from this scary crash with some cuts on his eye and eyebrow and he has some soreness and a good headache.

All I can say is thank goodness for seatbelts and airbags. We are so lucky. He rolled between two telephone poles, barely clipping one. It is so lucky that he didn't hit one squarely or that no one else was hurt. The officers were very kind and didn't cite him for anything. All I know is that Justin has guardian angels looking out for him.

So needless to say, our Mother's Day turned out very differently than we imagined. Justin's family ended up coming to our home for a visit. I had dinner with my parents at my brother's house while Justin enjoyed his family. A couple days ago, Afton had a dream about a pinata and wanted to make her dream come true, so Cindy helped her make a papier mache pinata and she batted it open tonight. It was really cute.

Afton trying on baby clothes.

Grandpa, Josie, and Afton.

All mothers: Cindy, Lara, and Normandie

I always imagined what the photo of my first Mother's Day would look like: me in a pretty spring dress (which I wore today), Jocelyn in a beautiful baby dress (she wore a dress that I gave to cousin Audrey which came back to us now that Audrey is too big), and Justin in a suit (which is now covered in dirt and blood) standing in front of our lilac bushes. Well, it's a good thing we're flexible. Here is our Mother's Day photograph.

And even though we're supposed to be celebrating moms today, right now we are just so darn happy Jocelyn still has a dad.


Liz Smith said...

oh my goodness how scary! i am so glad that he was able to walk away from that. The fact that he's okay is a great mothers day gift in it of itself.

happy belated mothers day. :)

Jamie Boyd said...

I thought the call from the police officer was part of some eleborate scheme to surprise you with a big mother's day gift. Sort of like that other phone call where Justin and I planned an elaborate scheme to fool you into thinking he was getting charged with a DUI.
I'm glad to hear you guys are doing okay, though. You all need to be very, very careful for the next little while. :) Call me if you need anything.

Maria said...

Wow Lara, I just kept thinking, "thank goodness you and Jocelyn weren't in that car!" I'm glad Justin insisted on going alone! I'm so glad he's okay too.
Congratulations on your graduation Justin - that's an awesome accomplishment! One I know I'll never have! :)
And A BIG HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you Lara! I can't wait for the shower to see you and Jocelyn!

Melissa Giles said...

Oh my goodness! Aren't you glad he didn't let you go with him? Wow! That is really scary, we are glad he is okay.


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