Monday, May 25, 2009

Two of Joci's Firsts

Yesterday Jocelyn cried. Just for a split second. But at least we know she can do it - when it's important. I was sitting in bed and holding her against my chest. She threw her head back and her whole body kinda pitched back. I grabbed her right way and righted her, but she scared herself. Her eyes got really huge and she cried four little cries and had tears in her eyes. So I guess when it's really important to her, she can cry. And I was afraid that if she cried once, she'd start crying for everything. Not happened yet. All last night and today she's just done her normal noises.

And the other first - Jocelyn rolled over today. We were getting ready to have our Memorial Day BBQ. I set her on the ground on a blanket - on her back - while I quickly seasoned the steaks. Justin was outside checking on the grill. He came in, saw her on the floor, and came to the kitchen to make her a bottle. One minute later, Justin walked to the living room with the bottle and she was on her tummy! Woa!! We missed it! : ( We rolled her onto her back again and got out the video camera, but no dice. Still, it happened!

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Maria said...

You're spoiled rotten you know that? I can't believe she doesn't cry! And I think the rolling over thing is pretty funny! Are you sure Justin didn't do it? (I only ask because we have had many "similar" things happen in my family that come to find out have a prankster daddy behind them!)

And, I just read your last post, hope things slow down a bit for you this last part of your leave, you need some time to just enjoy Joci (there's my vote) a little without all the craziness!

By the way - thanks a ton for the invite to the shower - by far one of the funnest evenings I've had in a while. I LOVED seeing you and your family and remembering all those crazy days of our quickly dissapearing youth!


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