Sunday, May 24, 2009

Utah Shower and Trip to Boise

If I were ever abducted, the police would be on it STAT! We were in Boise last week for 4 days without internet or a phone (I forgot my charger and it died) and it's nice to know how quickly I was missed.

Jocelyn is 5 weeks old now. My maternity leave is almost half over. *Sob.*

Life has been NUTS! I am exhausted and ready to stay in bed forever. I think that even without a new baby, I would feel this way. This is what has happened to us in the past month and a half.

April 1: Learned about Jocelyn

April 17: Jocelyn born 3 weeks early

April 18-21: Go get Jocelyn. Stay in a hotel, eat out all the time (no wonder I've gained weight), lots of intense emotions.

April 21: Have a wonderful welcome home party

April 22: First visit to the pediatrician. She lost too much weight.

April 23-26: Parents here. Plus tons of visits from the ward and friends

April 27-30: Lots of visits still.

May 1: Jocelyn's 2 week visit to the pediatrician

May 5: Baby shower with Melaleuca peeps. My oven door just randomly decides to fall off.

May 6: Open House baby shower at my home (lots of cleaning and running around - thanks Cindy!)

May 7: Go into Melaleuca to do some paperwork. Stay for 4 hours making the rounds with Jocelyn to Marketing, I.T., Purchasing, and Human Resources. Also took her around Mental Wellness Center.

May 8: My parents and Justin's parents come.

May 9: Justin's graduation ceremony. Drive to Pocatello. Meet up with Justin's brother and family, and the Frederick family. Go out to eat afterward. Go home and host a barbeque for everyone.

May 10: My first Mother's Day (which I still haven't celebrated. If any of you talk to my husband, put a bug in his ear to do something now that he's all better!). Got a phone call from a police man because Justin rolled his truck. Went to an emergency clinic. Split our time between families.

May 11: My parents leave.

May 11-14: Spent as much time as possible with Justin's parents. I think we ate out for every meal of these days (no wonder I've gained weight!). Justin's dad was able to fix the oven door. Thank you!!

May 15: Drive to Salt Lake City for the weekend. Hurry so we can get there in time to see Uncle Wayne and Aunt Vicky. Eat out (no wonder I've gained weight).

May 16: Help prepare for the baby shower. Have the shower. Stay up late visiting with family and friends.

May 17: Go to Salt Lake City Cemetery and Elysian Gardens Cemetery to *visit* my grandparents and introduce Jocelyn to her greatgrandparents. Have an Arby's picnic next to Grandma and Grandpa Belcher's grave. Go to Babies R Us. Drive back to Idaho Falls. Find that we left our Babies R Us purchases in Salt Lake (by the way, if anyone is driving through Salt Lake up through Idaho Falls, and could shuttle these things to me, let me know. I'd love you forever!)

May 18: Do as much laundry as possible in 4 hours. Give Jocelyn a suppository. Clean up. Drive to Boise. Hotel said it had internet access. Our room's wireless signal is so weak we can't get on. And I forgot my phone charger so it dies.

May 19: Stuck in hotel all day. Justin accidently took both room keys with him. Ate granola bars and Diet Dr. Pepper all day. Ate at P.F. Changs for dinner (no wonder I've gained weight!). Justin stays out and acts as a DD for his coworkers/friends. I wait up for him. Doesn't get back until almost 4 a.m. Wrath ensues.

May 20: Justin's birthday. He throws up and comes home from the conference early. He sleeps all day. We go out to Cheesecake factory (more fatness! but yummy!) and a movie (Wolverine - thumbs up) that night.

May 21: Finally relieved to know that Jocelyn is ours as today both parents have legally relinquished their rights. Pack up and leave hotel during Justin's lunch break. Justin goes back to the conference, I go to the agency to visit with Jocelyn's birth family. Pick Justin up at 5. Take birth family to dinner at Olive Garden. Leave Boise at 7 p.m. Get home at 11:00 p.m.

May 22: Run Justin to work, run to the DMV to license my trailer so my brother can use it. Can't find title. Have to jump through hoops. (On a side note - avoid the DMV at ALL COSTS the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. You WILL wait in line for at least an hour.) Hurry home to feed baby, change baby, finally feed self and dress self, then rush back to pick Justin up from work. Justin settled with the car insurance company. We ended up with $3000 in our pockets after the loan was paid off. Car shop.

May 23: Call on a couple cars. Drive to Pocatello and test drive a car. Test driving cars cannot be done with a wife and baby. So wife and baby must stay behind at private seller's home making awkward small talk and hoping it's a quick test drive. Wife doesn't see/drive car. Lets husband make decision. He buys car. She gets a little apprehensive hearing all that is *wrong* with it. Oh well. Husband now has a 1995 Ford Mustang and we have no more truck payment. Happy! Go shopping for actual food (no more carbs - time to lose all that weight!). Go to my friend Jessica Beesley's wedding reception near Rigby. Also, pick up my brother's pitbull to watch him while they are camping. Spend a good part of the evening keeping the dog from eating my cat.

May 24: Was planning to go to church...didn't quite make it. Blogging instead.

Ok. So seriously, I think I would be exhausted anyway even if I weren't waking up every few hours to feed and change Joci. My house is a disaster. Company is always draining and we've had a lot of it lately. I just want to thank my mom because she is the best guest! Even when I'm not in baby mode, my mom always leaves our home cleaner than when she found it. She is the only guest I can say this for. Thanks for cooking for us, doing our dirty laundry, cleaning, organizing, and getting up with the baby in the night.

So now that I'm off that soap box, here are some things that are Joci related.

  • She slept through the night our last night in Boise. I thought Justin had gotten up with her, he thought I had. Nope. She did almost seven hours. Of course, she hasn't done it since.

  • She's smiling. Some say it's a reflex. Some say it's gas. But I know better! When we were driving to Boise last Monday and we pulled over in Mountain Home to switch drivers, I opened the back door to check on her. I said her name, she turned her head, looked right at me and smiled!
  • She held her bottle up at Red Lobster after Justin's graduation. Probably a fluke, but she did it.

  • She just started staring at the moving mobile on her swing.

  • She's very into eye-contact.

  • If she has the help of an incline (like a couch cushion) she rolls over.

  • In the sunlight her hair is a cinnamon/coppery color

  • Her eyes are lightening up and they are looking more bluish/grayish. In the sun they actually look kinda violet. Wouldn't that be cool if she were a redhead with violet eyes?

  • She has cooed a few times

  • She still hasn't cried (her bio. sister didn't cry until she was 6 months old and her bio father wasn't a crier either. Maybe we lucked out. Knock on wood).
As for life at our house, it's nuts. My bedroom is a catastrophe, my kitchen is a catastrophe, the nursery looks like it threw up baby clothes, my bathroom is gross, my lawn is dead and needs to be mowed (don't know how that happens), weeds have overtaken my flowerbeds and veggie garden, and I have bags under my eyes the size of Milwaukee. But we're happy. I'm looking forward to the next couple weeks with NOTHING TO DO! I need it. :)

After all that complaining, here are some pictures.


Anonymous said...

Lara, it should start settling down - I hope. There are times in life when you wonder if there is yet one more thing that can happen in a week's time. Guess what, it will get easier and maybe now that you don't have to drive Justin everywhere you'll get a little more time for yourself. I'll bet that you will never forget your 1st
Mother's Day (some good and some bad)-mostly good though, sure could have been much worse. Keep your chin up and I'm so happy for you two and baby Jocelyn. Families aren't they so fun. Love M-in-Law

Groff Family said...

Oh how I can relate! At least Justin has an excuse for the Mother's day thing. My hubby just plain forgot and I figured that he would make it up to me, but I think it's just a done deal in his mind. I'll put a bug in Justin's ear if you put one in Aaron's!

I can't believe your maternity leave is half done. Wow, how time flies. I think you have the right idea of just chillin' out from here on out. Don't take on too much and who cares what your house looks like. I can say that because I guarantee that mine is worse, and I do care, but I can't get to it just yet and so I have to deal.

Congrats on the car, Happy Birthday to Justin, sorry about your oven, and try to get some sleep. Love you!

Groff Family said...

Lara, who is holding Joci in that one picture? Is that Heather?

Juliet said...

Justin and Lara;
Juliet Amy here. I just had to come peek at the beautiful addition to your family. Joci/Josi, which ever you choose, she is down right fantastic. I am so very happy for you both. She couldn't have picked better parents.
Good luck, have fun in Hawaii and Happy Trails! Juliet.


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