Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wish List for Baby Stuff

Several people have asked me what I didn't get at my showers and what I still need/want. So here is my wish list. I am keeping an eye on Craigslist for these things, as I could care less if they are used. If you have any of these items you'd be willing to sell me, leave me a note! If I list a brand name or a style, I would prefer it, but generally I'm flexible.


Bebepod or Bumbo chair

Car seat undermat

Booster seat with tray (portable high chair)

1st year baby calendar

Piddle Pad

Kidco Gate Installation kit (so you don't have to drill into your walls. I don't know if there's another brand that has something like this, but I'd take any brand)

Pack'n'Play or Playard (Would like a full-sized, with a changing area and night light)

Baby thermometer (either the forehead or ear kind)

Medicine dispenser spoons

Crib (hard wood strongly preferred, metal hardware strongly preferred, adjustable mattress, and wheels, and would be cool if it transformed into a toddler bed but that's not necessary. So far the Angel Line cribs fit the bill but I've never seen one up close.)

Crib mattress


Drawer organizers

Small/medium sized Rubbermaid tubs to store things like clothes she's not in yet

Heavy duty car seat cover for airline travel (Julie, what brand did you recommend? I hear many of them rip after one use)

Diaper Changing Table

If you have any of these items or if you see a great sale on anything, please let me know!

1 comment:

Groff Family said...

I really hope that you are able to track some of this stuff down for a reasonable price! It's a lot to get all at once, but Aaron and I found that over time if we just got one or two things a month, we ended up with what we needed. I will keep on eye out on Craig's List here just in case one of the smaller things comes up and I can mail it to you.
The brand of my airport car seat cover is JL Childress. I had to order it online from Wal-Mart, they don't carry it in the stores. I also read all of the crappy reviews of the other ones, but this one is nice and sturdy. Here is a link: I think that it is also sold at Babies R Us online, but not in the store. Good luck!


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