Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hawaii Pictures

Here are some pictures from our trip to Hawaii. Aside from Utah and Wyoming, Hawaii is the state we've visited the most. We're starting to feel like locals!

Some things we did:

  • Shopped at the swap meet

  • Discovered the ocean's beauty at the aquarium

  • Explored seven different cultures at the Polynesian Cultural Center

  • Ate at a delicious luau

  • Played games with Grandma and Grandpa every night

  • Basked on the beach

  • Hung out with endangered green sea turtles

  • Golfed along the coast of the Pacific Ocean

  • Rode a train

  • Snorkeled in a sunken volcano

  • Drove through beautiful gardens

  • Ate too much delicious food

    click on the icon on the bottom left to read the captions


Liz Smith said...

looks like such a FUN trip!!! I loved the pictures...especially the one of joci's feet touching the water at the beach for the first time. :D

Stefanie Sayre said...

looks like you guys had a blast. Hey I need to stop by and give you your keys to your house back. Call me when you guys have time for me to bring it over!


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